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Submarineing: The Latest Dating Trend to Make You Miserable when Dating A Vietnamese Girl

Coined by the Metro, a magazine known for coming up with names for the worst dating behaviors, SUBMARINEING (or submarining) could happen to you when dating a Vietnamese girl. Submarining happens when someone you’ve been seriously dating suddenly disappears without a trace – like a submarine that has stealthily sunk to the deepest waters and out of your reach. Without any warning, however, these Vietnamese women smoothly resurface into your life like nothing happened. Reconnecting with you and their friends, their posts and messages once again pop up on your inbox.

Vietnamese Girl,Vietnamese women,When you’re submarined by a Vietnam date, it’s a wonder how the other person slips out of your life and then slides back into your sphere of dating like nothing. A miserable spot to be in, it can’t be helped that you’d feel offended and infuriated by this kind of behavior.

After all, it isn’t kind at all to be submarined by anyone. Make no mistake about submarining when dating hot Vietnamese chicks. It’s far worse than zombieing, in which case the girl disappears without warning and then returns into your life some time later with one lame excuse or another for why it happened. At worst, she’ll offer you no explanation or apology at all for going AWOL in the middle of a promising relationship.

Promising or not, don’t fall for one of the newest tricks of the dating game. It’s only a half-hearted attempt at loving you or even being with you. You can’t count on this person to stay. What more when the going gets tough or when you’re tested by rough waters? That’s the trouble with dating a Vietnamese girl who enjoys submarineing.Vietnamese Girl,Asian singles

The key to keeping your heart safe from being submarined while Asian women dating would be AWARENESS. Be aware that there’s no valid reason for girls to play with your heart and treat you that way, beautiful and desirable as they may be. They may make up excusesabout leaving you hanging or might gloss over it pathetically through sobs and tears, but such girls will never tell you the truth. The sad truth might be that they’ve been dating someone else on the side; but it didn’t quite work out, and that’s why they’re back to you.

So what exactly drives a hot, innocent-looking Vietnam single to submarine you? If your radar isn’t telling you anything, then detect a commitment issue here. Wary of a depth charge, or rather going deeper into the relationship, they will resort to stealth and deception.

Beyond Viet dating, this misbehaving extends to dating people from all around the world. Experts agree that this bad behavior most likely traces back to a narcissistic attitude and a sense of entitlement, from which she derives pleasure and power. Out of extreme self-love (narcissism), she affirms more of her hold over men by leaving them guessing and wanting for more. Living their love life without fear of any consequences, such women leave a trail of unanswered questions and broken hearts as their trophies.

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So, don’t be another conquest for a Vietnamese woman who has no scruples at all about submarineing you. Street clear of her way! Take it as an insult that she thinks you have no other options, other than that of getting back with her.

Once you begin to see and realize this person’s lack of regard for you, then you will end any notion whatsoever that you could give this person a second, third chance. But if you persist in pursuing a submariner of a Vietnamese girl, then you’re in for the misery of a real heartbreaker!