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The Many Ways by Which Men “Micro-Cheat” While Dating Philippine Women

There are many ways by which a man may knowingly or unknowingly keep a “mistress. “ In some cases, that mistress may be the work he spends too much of his time and energy on. It could also be a workmate or relative who eats up too much of his attention and knows more about his activities than his real wife does. It could be that ex whom he’s stalking and following on social media. It could also be the Philippine women he’s constantly texting on the phone or chatting on the best dating sites in the Philippines, with either of them pretending to be single and available.

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Since there are so many ways of possibly cheating with hot Philippine women without getting caught, most men are quick to excuse their behavior. Male or female, there are people who have gotten accustomed to the habit of micro cheating. Often regarded as cheating only to a slight or less-obvious degree, micro cheating is something which you can get away with on a Philippine dating site.

On the sly, has infidelity become a part of your relationship with Philippine beautiful girls? On their part, when they cheat, Philippine girls say that they feel lonely and neglected. On the other hand, men who woo Philipino woman say it’s because they’ve lost their identity. Still, there are those who cheat back because they’ve been cheated on, too.

We can peel away at layers upon layers of what cheating actually means and why it happens. Whatever the reason may be, cheating is still cheating, any which way you look at it. It still is unfair and it is never harmless.

So, in your relationship with Philippine women, what counts as cheating? What about flirting with another woman? Is there such a thing as harmless flirting? What about having dinner with a woman you’re attracted to, even if you dine in public? Doesn’t that count as cheating, too?

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Furthermore, a man can also cheat on a girl from Philippines by sexting another person. Whether that person is male or female, sexting hurts. There is an exchange of texts with sexual innuendos and a sharing of intimate, revealing photos with each other. It may also involve watching porn while your wife is away or asleep in your room.

When you alienate yourself from your better half to the point that a workmate (albeit your “work wife”) knows more about you than your wife or partner does, then this could lead to more than micro cheating. Once you give in to lust and temptation, you could get entangled in an extramarital affair.

To help prevent what’s known as “affair sex”, many couples resort to marriage counselling. The general advice is to make sex during your marriage as hot and exciting as sex during an affair. As a couple, enjoy both the sensual and sexual experience of being with each other.

Much like you would when you meet single Philippines women on an initial date, treat it like the first time. Add some novelty, as though it were an encounter between two strangers. Make it visual by letting her wear her sexiest outfit and groom.

As for yourself, be present and make her feel very attractive. To fan the flames of desire, break away from the usual routine. Experiment with new stuff and try a different style.

In your relationship with Philippine women whom you date and take as your wife, dare to rekindle your love and lust for each other. This is a much better recourse than daring to cheat on the other.