hot Chinese women

The real reasons they fake it

Just like other women in the world, Asian girls fake it. If you are dating a Chinese woman, she is inclined to feel that her first duty is to please her partner, and she won’t feel free to leave until she has paid that due. There are a lot of reasons as to why women fake orgasms. The following are some of the commonest reasons:

1. To get a man to stop

sexy Chinese girlOne study revealed that women result to faking orgasms in order to speed up sex that was not consensual. If you chat with Chinese women, you will realize that just like women from other races, they don’t like to be pressured into sex. If your sexy Chinese girl said no the first time you initiated sex, but you went ahead and got your way anyway, she will do whatever it takes to put an end to the whole thing, though not violently. What she will cleverly do is faking an orgasm to tell indirectly a man that she is done. In such situations, women make a decision not to find themselves in such a deceitful situation every again, thus will keep their distance from then on.

2. To turn on a man

Another study found out that men enjoyed sex more with hot Chinese women who reached orgasm that with those that didn’t. A woman’s voice sounds amazing when she is having an orgasm and it is a great turn on to a man. Most men usually feel motivated to romance a responsive woman. So, an Asian woman will fake an orgasm just to boost her man’s sex morale.

3. To boost a man’s ego

Men have big egos and women feel like it is their duty to feed those egos. In fact, girls from China are taught by their elders that their pleasure is for other people, especially their husbands. In this regard, they learn that their orgasms serve a dual purpose; as an ego booster and as a turn on. So, faking an orgasm can also be a way a woman is expected to perform her emotional obligation for her man’s sake. A study revealed that men had higher self-esteem and felt more masculine if the woman they had sex with had an orgasm.

single Chinese girl4. To avoid letting a man down

The gorgeous Chinese women wouldn’t be at ease if the men they copulate with felt as if they aren’t enough. A good woman wouldn’t want to let her man down, so she would go as far as faking an orgasm to assure her man that she is enjoying sex as much as he is. If a man were to sweat it all out only to realize that his woman didn’t orgasm, he would feel as if all his efforts and energy were all for nothing. Women try really hard for their men not to feel that way.

5. To appear normal

In matters related sex, no one would want to be thought of abnormal. Since many people view orgasms as a sign of what normal sex should aim to achieve, women fake it to give an impression that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with them. No woman would want to end up a single Chinese girl just because her boyfriend thought that she isn’t normal, so it will be a “fake it till you make it’ kind of affair.

If you want to date Chinese girls, maybe the right question would not be why girls fake it, but rather how can men manage to give their women real orgasms. One advice is, it is advisable that you avoid being selfish in bed. Be selfless in bed and start valuing your woman’s genuine pleasure.