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Things to do and not to do when you are dating a Chinese woman

Although there is no ultimate guide or tutorial to dating a Chinese woman, since every sexy Chinese girl is different and unique, there are however certain things to DO and DON’T do when dating Chinese beauties.

You can easily mess up your seemingly perfect relationship with a Chinese girl by simply doing one thing wrong or saying something that should never be said to Asian girls.
Or, on the contrary, you may not be doing certain things that pretty much all Chinese girls care about.China woman

The DO-s of dating Chinese women:

DO break ice in order for her to not feel shy around you. It may be a difficult task since Chinese ladies tend to be generally shy, but it’s essential for a harmonious relationship in the longer term.
DO give her private space and you’ll be rewarded by having a perfect wife. We sure know that you’re hanging on China Love dating website to find a great wife and Chinese women are naturally wired to be perfect wives. They are hardworking, energetic and want to please their man.
DO make her feel special, desired and let her know that she always has your support. Although Chinese beauties are strong women who can pull off on their own independently, it’s still a huge boost of energy, mood and motivation to know that your man always has your back.
DO show your Chinese girlfriend that you’re a reliable and committed guy who enjoys her company. If you want to meet Chinese girl, know this: Chinese ladies hanging out on dating websites are not a booty call, they’re looking for serious relationships.
DO compromise and balance between work and your private life with a Chinese girl. If you’re looking for China girls for marriage, make no mistake: Chinese ladies won’t put up with your stubbornness, or worse: the inability to compromise and find the solution that satisfies you both.
DO listen and show your genuine interest in her. Every Chinese girl wants to feel like an interesting person. So you should be there to explore her interests as well as find out about her dreams, hopes and plans for future.asian dating

The DON’T-s of dating Chinese women:
DON’T be that guy who wants to find Chinese girlfriend only because she is a petite little thing and because you’ve read somewhere that you can boss Chinese women around. It’s a false misconception. Chinese women are independent and won’t put up with bad treatment.
DON’T show off in order to impress a Chinese woman. Chinese girls don’t care about posh apartments and expensive cars. All they want is for their men to truly love them and be reliable, faithful and a good dad.

DON’T jump into sex-related topics early on while chatting with a Chinese girl on a dating website. As it has been mentioned above, Chinese women are very shy, which is why they are uncomfortable with sex conversations and sexing early on in the relationship. Slow down, give it some time, dude!
DON’T compliment other woman in front of your Chinese girlfriend, as Chinese girls are very jealous and every time she hears you admire some other girl’s looks, she will take it as a personal offense.
DON’T show a fake interest in her just in order to get in her panties. It won’t work with Chinese girls, since they have heard lots of bullsh-t from other men and can tell when a man is lying or telling the truth.
DON’T be a jerk. No matter what, don’t be a jerk to Chinese girls.

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  1. John

    The Chinese lady I am in communication with is a divorced lady of 42. With a son of 15. I am aware of her feelings for me. Yes I have found they do get jealous when I am in communication with other ladies or go on a date with one. She is a attractive & special lady. I am a man of 60 but still young at heart. In China my lady is likely not be able to have a relationship again because of reasons above. A western man can see a independent and intelligent woman as being a great prize in a future relationship. When I call her on WeChat she answers very quickly what ever she is doing.She does not tell me she loves me but shows it in many ways.

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