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Tips to help shy girls flirt their way into a relationship

The population of girls in the world outnumbers that of men in a ratio of 2:1 and sexy Chinese females make up a large part of the global population. You know what that means? Getting a guy for a relationship is a serious battle. Girls often resort to flirting to attract men to themselves rather than waiting endlessly to get noticed – which may never happen.

Beautiful Chinese girlsSexy Chinese girls now use flirting as the only means of attracting men. This leaves girls who are shy at a disadvantaged position because the available men will be swayed by the girls who are good flirts and the shy ones will remain single – maybe forever. All hope is not lost for Chinese women who are shy. The following tips have been carefully picked to help shy girls flirt – when it is necessary.

It will be good to talk about the problem of shyness before delving into the solution, right? The major reason why a Chinese girl would be shy of flirting is because of the fear of being rejected by the guy she is attracted to. However, they should realize that anyone can be rejected and build their confidence around that. It may be pretty more difficult in action than said but with a little practice you will get there – the change will happen gradually.

1) Smile but do not fake it

Beautiful Chinese girls who are shy should use smile to win their man. A sincere smile can melt any heart or charm any man. If you notice a guy that you would want to chat with, look in his direction and try to catch his eyes. Once your eyes meet, smile at him and look away. Take note, men can easily spot a genuine smile from a fake one so try to make your smile as genuine as possible. One trick you can use to keep a genuine smile is to relieve fund memories that will make you to naturally smile. You can also flirt by dancing in front of the guy or raising your hair frequently.

2) Prepare ahead for what comes next

It is in the tradition of Chinese to let the men come to them rather than the other way. So traditional Chinese brides who flirt should expect that the guy would come to her if her tricks work perfectly so she has to prepare for what comes next. The problem with shy people is that if someone should walk up to them suddenly, they would find themselves lost for words. Hence, after choosing your flirting style, the next thing would be to rehearse upfront a few topics you would use to start a conversation if he ever comes around.

3) Talk but also listen

Listening is as important as talking when you are flirting. Shy people may become very nervous or scared of being too quiet that they may forget to listen. Listening gives the other person the sense that you are interested in them and what they are saying.

sexy Chinese females4) Dress to your best

When you set out to flirt, what is important about your dressing is not really how impressive it is, but how confident you are in it. Clothes that make you feel confident will help you limit nervousness which is very important for people who are already shy. It is true that China girls love to be lavish in their dressings especially for important outings but your comfort should be top on the priority list.

5) Online dating is the new alternative

If you seem not to be able to get over your shyness, then you can give online dating a try. On this platform, a China woman’s image – a very sex one – is all she needs to woo men to her direction.