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Top 3 Gorgeous Vietnamese Women Who Are Still in College

If you love Vietnamese women, you probably love college-aged beautiful Vietnam girls, too.

And why wouldn’t you? They are young, eager to have fun, compassionate, reliable, adventurous and full of energy. Since many of hot Viet girls move out of their parents’ home to study in college, they have to master the art of cooking – so many of them are good cooks, too!

Isn’t that the exact combination of qualities you’d be looking for in a perfect wife? Either you’re looking for a wife or girlfriend, we’ve put together a list of top three gorgeous Vietnemese women who are still in college and, better yet, are still single!


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If you’re looking for a Vietnamese hot girl who is still in college, you may want to check out Tina.

Beauty is not the only thing this gorgeous university student has to offer. She’s also smart (she loves reading), athletic (she’s under 40kg!! and she loves swimming), positive and enthusiastic (she enjoys nature and pursuits the true happiness of life).

Tina also describes herself as a loving and lovable girl, which means she has not been emotionally scarred by past romantic relationships.

And this is one of the major benefits of dating young Vietnamese girls over mature Vietnamese women: most of them have been in only a few relationships and suffered a maximum of one or two heartbreaks.

That’s definitely the kind of girl you want to get in Vietnam dating, as the less heartbreaks we suffer in our life, the happier and more enthusiastic about life we are. It’s a no-brainer, but some guys seem to not realize this.

If this sounds exciting, get in touch with Tina while she’s still single and ready to mingle!


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Your financial status, your skin color and your age don’t mean nothing to Joy, who is a beautiful a Vietnamese university student.

Joy says she only has one criteria when looking for a man of her dreams: he must stand by her and need her. The only test that you’ll have to pass to start dating this petite brunette with a stunning smile is the test of love. Joy is a sweet, optimistic and down to earth girl with a BIG heart.

Joy says she loves to attend social activities to help the poor and homeless in Vietnam. In fact, those philanthropist activities plus college suck up so much of Joy’s time that she doesn’t even have time to cook for herself.

So if you don’t mind eating take-out food every now and then, and the ability to cook isn’t a huge skill that you’re looking for in Vietnam women, then you should definitely consider sending Joy a message!

After all, hot Viet girls like this one have more potential suitors than you can count. That’s a fact.

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AsiaMe has seen countless young Vietnamese girls, but Mina is probably one of the most beautiful of all (we’re serious!).

Mina may not be sure what career she wants to pursue in life, but she’s definitely sure what kind of man she’s looking for. And that is: a mature man who knows what he wants and how to get things done.

But that alone wouldn’t automatically make you eligible to date Mina, as this Vietnamese hot girl is also looking for someone who would respect, understand and love her with his entire heart.

If this sounds like you, consider yourself lucky, as this means you can take your chances at dating Mina.

Be warned, however, that Mina is currently single and receives tons of messages on the Vietnam dating website. So your opening message better be REALLY good to get her attention (write a personalized one describing what you liked about her profile).