Chinese girls


One very well meaning person once said that “There are only three things that women need, food, water and compliments!” So you’re here in this site looking for young Chinese girls and you have no clue how to go about it. I will give you the do’s and don’ts of giving the third necessity to these Chinese singles you find here. There are plenty of Chinese women photos to choose from here but you have to be very cautious and go with some compliment knowledge if you want to make it work. Get your next mail order brides form China on this site and some power play on an effective way to make Asian dating fun and enjoyable.

Chinese womenDO: Study or research the Chinese culture, their way of life, what makes them who they are, the difference between their western female counterparts and try and understand their beauty standards for the ready Chinese women for marriage. So very important but always cast aside. E.g Chinese women their standard of beauty is petite with narrow hips and they want to stay that way. So asking her if she would consider getting a boob job or put on some weight is super insensitive.

DO give compliments of something that she cares about. E.g. Chinese women for marriage will always put in their dating profiles that they play a musical instrument. It’s almost a requirement in their culture, and they take pride in that and love to show off their playing capability. Compliment her on that achievement and she’ll be falling all over you.

DO give compliments on not just her beauty as she’s probably been told a gazillion times about it but her actions or personality as well. She may have rescued a stray cat and welcomed it into her home, let her know how.

“You have such a caring heart to do that. It takes a pretty special someone to do that”

DO Learn some Chinese. When you say something like “beautiful girl” in Chinese, 漂亮女孩 or make it go further ”you are so beautiful” – translate“ – “ni hao piao liang” shows her that you are willing to go the extra mile and not just being another generic other guy out there. Learning a few other words will open doors to a new level.

DON”T Overuse compliments. You want to give compliments to your woman that don’t sound so obvious. They have to have some element and meaning not just empty and pointless. Sometimes just a genuine compliment can make someone’s day. Don’t bore these Asian girls for heaven’s sake!

Chinese marriageDON’T: Try to be funny with compliment on these potential Asian brides. Your sense of humour will fall on flat as one thing may sound offensive and off. Some jokes come off as sarcasm. Save the humour for much later when you win her over.

DON’T Use vulgar pick up lines.
denounces unpleasantness and tasteless spoken words. These young girls have been indoctrinated to be as humble as they can be but will lash out by ignoring you and your loud cheap and tacky behavior.

In summary, let your compliments be genuine and authentic. If you don’t feel yourself bursting with a certain emotion of just saying something nice to any of these Chinese girls here, then absolutely don’t do it. Timing is also very important; when and where to give the compliments are is equally vital. Practice good sense and sensibility and everything else will flow!

Good luck!