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Understanding The Psychology Of Needy Women In Your Asian Dating Experience

When you are dating Chinese women, you may have to spend a lot of time understanding their needs. This could be a frustrating phase in your Asian dating experience. There is nothing to fret about it. There are ways of understanding the psychology of needy women. We must remember that we have developed a method of relating to people who matter in our lives such as our parents or our ex-girlfriends. It is all about understanding the style of attachment. Once you know how to assess these styles, it is not difficult to understand the needs of a hot Chinese girl.

When you are on Chinese dating free forums or sites, you have to concentrate on knowing the style of attachment connected with your date. This will reveal to you considerable information about her psychological frame of mind and will help you decide whether she will be the right partner for you in a long relationship.Chinese vs Japanese girls

These are the styles of attachment that will help you understand the psychology of needy women when dating them –

  • Chinese sexy girl photoThe Assured Girlfriend Psychology– After you select your partner by looking at a collection of Chinese sexy girl photo, you may come to know that your date has a low fear of being abandoned and also a low level of avoidance of closeness with you. These are good signs for you as you have come across an assured girl and she may be the one with whom you have a good chance of working out a long term relationship. This type of a girl will have a low fear of being abandoned by you and will not avoid coming close to you, physically. She will not worry that you will leave her one day and she will find it easy to share her emotions with you. She will also be comfortable trusting you and depending on you. This is the quality you will find when you compare Chinese vs Japanese girls. Chinese girls lean mostly towards the assured type. If you come across an assured date, make sure that you send a gift for Chinese girlfriend right at the very start of your dating relationship.
  • The Needy Girlfriend Psychology– Needy women have more fear that you will abandon them but they still want to come close to you. They are always insecure that you may dump them at any moment. Your dating will be normal, at first but as the relationship progresses, she may start complaining that you are not coming close enough to her and that she is taking more interest in coming closer to you. If you are interested in such a woman, it is worth your trouble to keep her and reassure her by giving her more attention than you are giving her, currently. This is the trait you will come across when you compare Chinese vs Japanese women. You will find that Chinese women are more of the needy type.
  • The Distant Girlfriend Psychology – Do not get carried away when you look at Chinese women in bikinis. They may be the distant type where they have a low fear that you will abandon them but want to avoid being close to you. These types of women may be wholly self-reliant but they will be slightly indifferent to being intimate with you. They are not actually scared that you will abandon them because they do not plan to come that close to you, in the first place. You may want to hook up with the distant style date of yours but it is better not to get too involved, for there is a high chance that they may dump you sometime in the future.Chinese women in bikinis
  • The Scared Girlfriend Psychology – Do not get carried away when you look at a sweet Chinese girl. She may have a high level of fear that you will abandon her later on and she will be scared of coming very close to you. Assess her style first after getting to know her and then proceed in your dating relationship. This type of a girl fears rejection and is very uncomfortable while disclosing her emotions to you. These girls tend to be very shy in nature even if they show off a bashful exterior. They are suspicious and highly jealous by nature.

So, the secret behind a long lasting relationship lies in decoding the psychological issues of your dating partner. Once you have a good understanding of the kinds of styles of attachment your date is capable of revealing to you, you will be able to manage her behaviour effectively and have a successful dating relationship and expectations.

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