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Ways to Boost your Long Distance Relationship

If you are a westerner who has a strong liking for pretty Thai girls, you probably have been discouraged by family and/or friends.  This is because many people do not believe in long distance relations, and there’s a good reason for that. You may be advised not to take your long distance relationship seriously, just in case you are heart broken. Well, nobody says that it’s going to be easy – the extra distance makes many things unattainable. Nevertheless, there are various ways in which you can overcome the hurdles and increase your chances of having a happily-ever-after kind of ending to your story. Here are the ways to boost your long distance relationship:

  1. Communicate moderately

In a world where there are many channels of communication, you may find it easy to keep in touch with your Asian girl all the time. Some western men make the mistake of bothering hot Asian women with endless calls and messages, and this often lead to breakups. While communication is key to any kind of relationship, it’s good to remember that too much of something is poisonous. Excessive communication can make things worse as it can feel like you are being overly possessive. Single Asian women are lonely. Moderate communication is recommended.

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  1. Lay down some ground rules

Just as you would do when you meet Thai women in person, it’s important that you set some ground rules with your virtual partner. It’s important that you both be clear what you really expect from each other and set some ground rules so that no one will do something out of what is expected. Some of the ground rules to be laid down include: do you wish to be exclusive? Are you open to the idea of an open relationship? Being open about these things will greatly help know what both of you should expect. It’s not cool if your girlfriend find Thai ladies pics in your cell phone.

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  1. Don’t shy away from sexual innuendos

Western men who are dating attractive Thai women can attest that talking dirty really works when in a long distance relationship. Just like in a close-up relationship, sexual tension is certainly an important thing between couples in a long distance relationship. Arousing sexual desire in each other will serve as glue that keeps you both from drifting apart. Sex is not only a biological need, but it is an emotion one also. Therefore, you are highly encouraged to keep the fire burning by conveying teasing messages filled with provocative descriptions and sexual innuendos.

  1. Avoid compromising situations

‘Flee ye from temptations’ is a phrase you need to keep in mind, especially when in a long distance relationship. If you know that looking at hot Thai women pics will drive you astray, it’s best that you keep your eyes guarded. If drinking silly makes you lose control, then it’s best that you avoid excessive drinking. By avoiding being caught up in compromising situations will greatly help you stay focused in your long distance relationship.

  1. Make an effort to visit each other often

It’s said that out of sight out of mind, so it’s best to keep in physical touch from time to time. After all the waiting and yearning, it would feel so good to finally meet each other and do all the things that lovers do. Visits are definitely the highlight of a long distance relationship, so instead of staring at your beautiful Thailand girl photo, make an effort to visit each other to fulfill both the desires of your heart and body.

If you have been reluctant to engage with young Thailand girls due to the huge distance, just know that it is very possible to sustain a long distance relationship as long as you and the woman you choose will be committed to it. Things like moderate communication via a reliable messaging app and video calls will take you a long way in strengthening your relationship.