chinese women seeking american men

What Do Chinese Girls Think About American Boys?

The interracial Western-Asian phenomenal dating epidemic known as Yellow Fever with so many males desperate to marry an Asian female is well documented. But why are so many Chinese women seeking American men as future husbands? Do they simply prefer them over the males of their own heritage and if so why? Rumour has it that Chinesebeautiful chinese girls women prefer Western cultured gentlemen in general but that he must possess specific personal traits and values to make the cut. So gentlemen; welcome to Alpha Male status!

It’s very common to see beautiful Chinese girls walking arm-in-arm with American boys. So exactly why do Chinese women like American men so much?

1. Height: American males are generally tall whereas Asian men are of a shorter stature. One of the benefits for the petit Chinese girl is that being with a tall male means she appears cuter as she needs to tilt her head upwards to make eye contact. This specifically satisfies the Asian female never-ending quest to be as cute as possible. Also when walking together, a tall American man emphasizes her petit stature which she really likes!

2. Assertive Confidence: The Chinese women vs American women male type preference differences are highly noticeable here as the all American male entices the attention of Chinese girls as this personality type is in striking contrast to her fellow Chinese suitors. American boys are not afraid to approach and speak to her making them very exciting as well as sexy. This is in not the case so much for American women that view many US guys as shallow, cocky and too self-assured!

3. Refined Cultured Persona: Chinese females prefer the cultured American or Western type— specifically those young men that enjoy fine dining, theatre, museums, clubbing and a host of fascinating activities. She also admires the intellectual, cultured persona that also shows a genuine interest in her heritage and culture.chinese girlfriend

4. He Enjoys Cooking: In comparison to typical Asian males, Americans are considered un-chauvenistic simply because they like to cook. Chinese girls interpret this as indicating a sense of equality amongst the sexes which is not very common in her own culture where women are primarily considered as inferior and assigned specific female roles such as cooking. Chinese women, especially educated ones appreciate not being expected to purely serve or be dominated. Just another reason for the increase in Chinese women seeking American men as the traditional Chinese woman feels exalted by this trait.

5. Expression of Love: Unlike American families, Chinese girls are typically raised in a culture which lacks physical expression of love and affection from an early age. Most traditional Chinese fathers solely communicate love for their family through fulfilling their responsibility as the family provider. Affection was never directly shown to them which is another factor in why Chinese women like American men that freely lavish them with attention as well as shower them with affection and gifts.

Truth Is That Chinese Wchinese girlsomen Like American Men!

So how does an American male know when Chinese girls really like him? Many are typically shy and conservative due to their culture but if she is genuinely excited and happy to spend time with you, appears honestly interested in you, hold hands with you in public, talks about a future with you and tells her family about you— chances are she really does like you; a lot. Contrary to the Western lifestyle, Chinese girls are not familiar with the concept of casual dating at all. This is one of the key differences within the Chinese women vs American women dating experience. Old-fashioned values, morals and strong societal expectations that she marry by the age of 27 means there’s every chance that once she shows you that she likes you, things can become serious very quickly.

Along with the points mentioned another significant reason we see so many Chinese women looking for American men, thus dating outside of their own ethnicity is that it empowers and frees them from the traditional strict confines that are within their own cultural expectations surrounding romance, love and marriage.