What does she think of your underwear?

Headed on your third date with a beautiful Latin? Or maybe want to know what will make Single Columbian women go crazy? Or maybe you are just out of luck and need tips on dating a Colombian Girl. Well, you came to the right place. We are going to tell you that one of the more important issues on an “important” night becomes the underwear that the man is boasting. Since your clothes are no pictures of Colombian girls, we suggest you get you’re game on instead of “winging it.”

Single Columbian women go crazy

First of all, thought boxers are not similar to what an old Columbian woman might wear; they can play the part if you pick eccentric prints. Trust me they are in for an enough of a surprise already, they don’t need another one. So just stick to plain or stripes or plaids, and keep to regular colors, dark brown, navy, black or so. When you date Columbian women you don’t want them catching you wearing tight whities, just retires them and save yourselves the embarrassment. Studies suggest that boxers can be damaging to your “guys” (or whatever you have named them, with all the swinging around they will do, so just wear briefs or boxer briefs, and again, stay away from red, please. Especially when you plan on going south on hot women, you don’t want her laughing at your orange undies.

What you do want is to have them interested, to have them hot and bothered, to have them craving to see all of you, and to get your hands on you. Show them sophistication even inside your pants (yes we intended the pun). Show them the class that they are in for to have found a catch like you. What better way to do that then by wearing appropriate underwear? That means no boxers under a suit. Furthermore, one of the biggest turn off for all women especially hot Columbian women would be unhygienic and unclean underwear because they don’t want that thing nowhere near there! So make sure there are no skid marks, make sure there are no holes in them, I mean you are not a two-year-old, nor a seven-year-old. Take care of your clothes man! How you take care of the most sensitive part of yourself says a lot about you and your level of personal hygiene.

hot Columbian women

What you then need to understand is that though you may want to cheap out on under garments because no one can see them, the person who matters most in your life will almost always see them, and thus you should make sure that what they are seeing is not anxiety provoking. It will also send a message that you take care of your “important” things, which well let’s be honest, everyone would want that, especially real Colombian girls. Because she would see your under garments when she is all hot and bothered, and she is a good place, a place where she wants you, and you are quite possibly the center of her universe, then do you want to let her down at that point? To let her down at a point which is not just important to her but also to you, and very very very important for your mental health? So listen to what we are saying, and go throw out all the torn and tattered and ones that have fallen into disuse, invest in something, because when we say it, you better believe us, it is important to your sexual health, and yes, contrary to all that Dr. Phil hullabaloo, it is essential to a happy and healthy relationship, unless you guys are into abstaining, then its fine too, and you should still listen to what we told you because you need to prepare for that important time in your life!