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What to Expect When Dating a Foreigner

Dating a girl of another culture may be difficult, but it’s not beyond possible. But if you know the things to expect when dating a foreigner it becomes much easier. So let’s review some of the most common things to expect when dating Vietnamese women.

dating a Vietnamese girlFor example, dating Vietnam hot ladies differs from the dating process of typical Western girls. It’s not only because hot Vietnam women are well mannered and (no offense, Western girls) are more cultured, but also because they value their family more than Westerners do.
When dating a Vietnam woman, expect her to have close ties to her family. When they say marrying a Vietnamese girl means marrying her family, it’s not true. But it’s true that Vietnamese women always stick close to their family, always help them and pay them a visit whenever they have a chance.
So when dating a Vietnamese girl, expect situations like this: “Honey, are we going to hang out at the beach this weekend?”, “No, no, I will have to go halfway around the world to visit my family this weekend.”

And it’s up to you to go with her or wait for her to come back, since sexy Vietnamese women are not pushy about their boyfriends or husband spending time with their family.
Another thing to expect when dating South Asian girls, and Vietnamese brides in particular, is that don’t expect sex on the first date. In fact, if you invite a Vietnamese girl after a successful first date at a restaurant (or whatever) to your hotel room, there is a high chance she will turn her back on you and reject you.
Dating Vietnamese girl for sex only is something out of the extraordinary as in the Vietnamese dating culture dating is more than just about sex. So don’t bother booking a hotel room after negotiating the place to meet on your first date with some Vietnamese girl you’ve met on online dating website.
And we cannot but not mention cultural differences and language barriers when dating foreigners. For Vietnamese women (and are they not perfect wives?) it’s much more preferable to have dinner at home with home-cooked food rather than at some fast food restaurant.

For this and many other factors, Vietnamese women are often called ‘domestic goddesses’. And for that, foreign men often sign up on dating websites to meet Vietnamese women online. Because who doesn’t want a perfect wife, right?
And if you are a native English speaker (or have advanced level of the English language), expect situations when you cannot properly explain something to your Vietnamese girlfriend. In that case, use the simplest words and phrases possible.

Many Vietnamese women American men couples find it difficult to date because Americans tend to use very complex phrases and slang words thVietnamese brides at confuse the hell out of the Vietnamese. But since most Vietnamese girls are eager to get to know foreign cultures and learn new languages, eventually your conversations won’t feel like conversations between a father and daughter.

Expect that when people are going to approach you two they will ask you if your girlfriend is Chinese (or whatever other Asian nationality they come up with). “Oh, is she Chinese?”, “Does your Chinese girl speak English?”, “That’s so cool, I’ve always wanted to date a Chinese girl.”
Well, and the most exciting part of dating a foreign girl is that you get to get her hooked on American trash TV. It’s like introducing a kid to a candy, as soon as she tries it – she will get hooked easily.

Overall, when dating a Vietnamese girl, expect a wonderful journey full of passion, kindness, cuteness and perfect wifeness.