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Why Women Cheat: Can’t Resist Temptation, Boredom and Bad Sex – But Is It Their Men’s Fault?

Although it were mostly married men who have been cheating on their spouses for centuries, modern women have become more assertive nowadays.

That assertiveness allows them to live according to their needs and desires. But reasons why women cheat are still very different, as men cheat for physical pleasure, while women are seeking emotional intimacy in affairs.

While all women remain emotionally invested in their relationships, every lady wants to feel desired and wanted in this world.

Sometimes women stop feeling this way in a relationship or marriage, and sometimes the urge to cheat becomes too irresistible given so much male attention.

Either way, every reason why women cheat can be eradicated and prevented by their boyfriends or husbands:

Lack of attention and intimacy. No woman can go long without feeling needed, desired and wanted. If a woman doesn’t feel enough intimacy and she lacks physical touch from her boyfriend or husband, she may end up seeking that attention and intimacy from someone else.

And that someone else can be anyone who desires her and feeds her emotional needs, whether it’s her colleague, handsome trainer at the gym or her longtime male friend.

Women – be it American or Chinese women – who don’t have enough attention and intimacy in their lives are seeking emotional affairs outside relationship or marriage.

In China culture and tradition of dating, most Chinese girls don’t sleep around before becoming committed to a relationship.

But even the most patient Chinise woman from the most traditional Chinese family won’t go long without affection, intimacy and attention in her relationship or marriage before seeking all that from someone else.china date

How to prevent cheating: Make sure you’re not depriving your girlfriend or wife of attention, compliments and compassion. Make her feel needed, but not just by coming home and asking her “what’s for dinner?” That thing doesn’t count.

Set your alarm clock 10 minutes earlier and treat your woman to a quickie before going to work – make her feel desired – so much that you’re willing to sacrifice your sleep for her.

When you’re at work, send her texts and sexts, write her a poem in Chinese (even if it’s Google translated) or if her name is Anna, write her name Anna in Chinese and make her wonder what those Chinese symbols mean.

Or call her and let her know how much you miss her. Tell her about all the things you want to do to her when you come home. Again, make her feel desired, wanted and irresistible. You’re the man. You’re HER man.

Boredom. If you’re the type of guy who wakes up every morning and goes to work without kissing his wife, then comes home from work, eats dinner, checks Facebook and then goes to sleep – you’re in big trouble, pal.

Men who wrongly think that getting a Chinese girl is easy and don’t have much to offer her besides that boring, routine life usually end up losing her just as easily.

Girlfriends and wives who suffer from boredom are likely to cheat. If your girl feels that you two barely have anything in common and she feels emotionally distant from you, she might start thinking about being with someone else to save herself from that boredom.

How to prevent cheating: Even if you’re working 9-to-5, there are ways to spice up your relationship and prevent your woman from cheating on you. Introduce new ideas to your relationship and bring some spontaneity into your everyday life.

Stay excited about your relationship or marriage. If your wife is Chinese, send her chinese love sms . Take her out to different places. Forget the routine!

Regularly go on vacation together, have wild sex outside your home, cook a dinner for her, take fitness classes together – basically do anything that you don’t normally do, or you did a long time ago. Or even play innocent pranks on her!

This applies to Chinese dating UK dating American dating and others.

sexy chinese ladyBad sex. Sex is everything in a relationship or marriage, both for men and women. Ladies want to be desired in the bedroom and they want orgasms during sex.

Having sex every day or every other day doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t be cheated on if the quality of your sex is poor. Besides having not enough sex, women want wild or passionate sex.

Even China ladys – who are known to be patient with their man and tend to please their boyfriend or husband in the bedroom – eventually get bored if the sex is bad.

Women crave emotional sex and they want to try out different things in the bedroom to never lose interest in having sex with their partner. If your girlfriend is getting bad sex, she may start looking for GOOD sex somewhere else.

How to prevent cheating: Make sure your lady enjoys sex with you. Constantly try new things in sex, have sex in your car or in the elevator. Have sex outside of your house, let her go wild on you or try foreplay.

Urge to cheat is too irresistible. Sexy and beautiful women always receive plenty of attention from men, even if they’re married. And the temptation is sometimes too difficult to resist.

If in a healthy relationship or marriage a woman normally rejects those suitors, in an unhealthy one – whether it’s boredom, bad sex or lack of attention and intimacy – a woman might lose self-control and become unable to resist the male attention.

How to prevent cheating: It once again comes down to how you treat your girlfriend or wife. A woman who is fully satisfied in her relationship will always reject attention from other men.

So make sure you follow all of the above ‘how to prevent cheating’ tips to prevent your woman from giving her number the next time she receives attention from some guy.

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