February 20, 2024


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4 Surprisingly Good Tips for Ukrainian Date from Bartenders (They’ve Seen it All)

Whenever you’re on a date with a Ukrainian woman, it may seem as if it’s only you, your Ukrainian date, and no one else. In fact, people tend to get so carried away in their conversation that they forget that other people may also be listening and watching them… Above all, we’re talking about bartenders and waiters.

“That’s creepy, rude, and impolite to be listening to someone else’s private conversation!” you may be thinking right now. Well, from the one hand, it might seem a little creepy, but from the other hand, it’s part of every bartender’s job.

However, some of you might feel like your privacy has been violated and you will never ever communicate with Ukrainian women on dates anywhere near a bartender or waiter. Well, listen, it’s not like bartenders are listening to you and your date 100 percent of the time.Ukrainian women

Bartenders are very good at reading body language and they see what’s happening in countless dates during their every shift. This makes bartenders surprisingly good at giving dating advice. You might want to read the following dating tips from bartenders to never have a Ukraine single woman throw a cocktail in your face or simply walk out on you and leave you sitting on a barstool awkwardly like an idiot.

Don’t force her to drink

If a woman refuses to drink, don’t force her to drink. It’s very simple, yet many men make this mistake over and over again. A large percentage of men love to feel “in control” of their date and tend to think that they get the right to decide what their date will do when they spend time together.

But this is a huge mistake that will discourage Ukraine ladies from wanting to continue chatting with you. According to bartenders, a woman on a first date is more likely to walk out on a man if he keeps forcing her to drink. Don’t be one of those guys who don’t take no for an answer. Let your date be in control, too. It’s a two-way street.

She might have her reasons for not wanting to drink. It could be because she will be driving, she doesn’t drink because it’s bad for her health, or she simply doesn’t feel comfortable enough in your company to get an alcoholic beverage from you (you might want to give it some time).

Don’t flirt with a waitress or other women while on a date

Can you imagine a worse dating scenario than chatting with someone on dating chat sites for months, then finally agreeing to go on a date with that person, and then, during your first date, see your date flirt with a waitress or other woman in the restaurant? What a waste of time!

Ukraine single

Unfortunately, this happens to so many young and mature Ukrainian women. Flirting with a waitress or eating someone (other than your date) alive with your eyes is rude and disrespectful to the person you agreed to go on a date with. Bartenders say that have seen this happening more times than they can count.

While you may think that you’re smooth and sneaky and your date didn’t notice you winking at another girl across the room, think again. Ukrainian mail brides are very attentive and notice even the tiniest details.

Stop talking so much

Instead, listen. How many times have you read about the importance of listening to a woman on a date as opposed to blabbering the entire evening about your job and traveling experiences? Ukraine pretty girl loves men with confidence but not cocky. As we’ve mentioned earlier, a date is a two-way street. Leave plenty of room for a woman to chime in. Bartenders have seen this happening many times. A man and woman, who are clearly on their first date, walk into the bar and both are full of interest, passion, and energy. Just about 30 minutes into their date, one of them (90 percent of the time, the woman) is drained of interest and energy as she keeps listening to a man retelling his full life story. Boring!

Don’t turn this into a game

A date isn’t a football game where the only thing that matters is the goal and score. A date is supposed to be a fun experience for both parties. If you go on a date with a clear goal in mind (“I will kiss or have sex with that person by the end of this date!”), you will ruin it for both you and her. Even women who meet foreigners on Russian and Ukraine dating sites and then agree to go on a first date, most of them expect to go on several dates prior to giving a man a kiss (or more).

Don’t get fixated on the idea that you will be kissing or getting physically intimate with the person sitting next to you in a few hours. Enjoy the conversation and make sure your date is having plenty of fun. And don’t be pushy about getting that kiss in the bar, or you might get slapped on the face (yep, bartenders have seen countless situations when a woman slaps a man on the face for wanting something “in return” for that cocktail he paid for).