Beautiful Latinas conquered Hollywood

Let’s admit it: Latinas certainly rock any list of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood. And they do it for all the right reasons!

Many man around the world see is their wildest dreams making love to beautiful latino girls – be it Sofia Vergara, Eva Longoria or Jennifer Lopez – but they make excuses such as, “Well, I live in ___, and it’s kind of far away from South America.”

For all men out there who want to meet south american women, there is a way to meet Sofia Vergara types of woman – online dating!

meet south american women

Vergara, who is best known for her prominent role on Modern Family, is of Colombian descent and combines one the most sought-after qualities in Colombian women – beauty and humor.

Hot south american woman are fun to be around and Vergara, who makes $37 million a year, is the perfect example of that!

what do colombian women look like

To get a better look at what do colombian women look like, you may want to Google Colombian actress Danna García, who has men around the world swooning over her.

If you live outside the North and South American continents, it may be challenging to meet beautiful latin girls. That’s where online dating, which boasts an extensive database of South American girls like Vergara, comes in handy.

beautiful latin girls

In fact, even Eva Longoria has publicly admitted that online dating works, which means she’s hanging out on dating sites as well. Imagine your excitement if you ever happen to find her profile on dating websites!

best women in south america

Another gorgeous symbol of Latin American beauty is Jennifer Lopez, who you probably recognize for her voice and, well, butt. The owner of the iconic big butt is considered to be one of the best women in south america – and we totally get why!

latin american ladies

If you’re into blondes, you may want to check out Cameron Diaz types of latin american ladies. The blonde actress is best known for her voice work in Shrek and starring roles in Gangs of New York and There’s Something About Mary.

The thing about dating stunning beautiful girls from Latin America is that you can easily get any hot Latin girl you want to if you follow a few simple rules about Latina dating.

Don’t call Latinas ‘mami’

First and foremost, stop calling Latina girls ‘mami’. Even though many men call Jennifer Lopez a ‘mami’ – it makes sense because she has a song called Papi – South American girls don’t think it’s sexy – at all!

Don’t mispronounce a Latina’s name

Pronouncing some Latin American girls’ names properly may be tricky (think: Zoë Saldaña, who has Dominican-Puerto Rican roots and is best known for her roles in Star Trek and Avatar), but it’s something you’d want to learn if you want to not only impress latin american ladies, but also get their interest.

Mispronouncing a Latina’s name is a major turn off!

Latina family matters

South American women usually have extensive families. In fact, Sofia Vergara alone has four siblings, while Eva Mendes and Eva Longoria have three siblings each.

And here’s a thing: when you’re dating a Latina, you’re dating her entire family. So not only will you have to express genuine interest when chatting with a Latina, but also remember all relevant information about each and every of her family’s member.

Bonus factor: family members play a big role in helping their daughters choose their boyfriends and husbands. So make sure you’re extra sweet to her entire family!

Forget about the Latin temper

No matter how many times you’ve seen South American actresses unleash the presumed ‘Latin temper’ on TV shows, it’s a stereotype.

You’ve probably seen Eva Longoria on Desperate Housewives or Penelope Cruz in several films get so mad at their partners that they actually start yelling. But that has nothing to do with the ‘Latin temper’.

Blaming the inexistent ‘Latin temper’ for everything can be easy, but don’t be surprised when a Latina breaks up with you over it.

Learn her language

When you date beautiful latino girls, you date their culture and language. When dating, you get to know and learn the person you’re dating – so be prepared to carry a vocabulary with you and learn everything you hear your Latina girlfriend say.

Bonus factor: knowing your girlfriend’s language will give you a very convincing edge when meeting her family.


Mariana is’s resident Latin dating expert who has been passionately helping singles find love online.

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