5 Key Phrases Never to Use in an Argument with Asian Women

During an argument, have you ever asked someone to calm down and use their heads? Have you ever told the other person to stop being so unreasonable? If this is the approach you’ve used so far in every argument you’ve undertaken with Asian women, then you’re in for a big disappointment. The person at the other end of the line won’t be as receptive as you’d like them to be.Asian Women,beautiful Chinese women,

If you’re wondering why this technique never works with beautiful Chinese women, it’s because you’re sort of implying that the other person isn’t being as cool and reasonable as you are. In a way, you’re already finding fault with the behavior of that individual instead of actually listening to their words.

Clearly, these seem to be the right words from your point of view, but they will rarely if ever have the designed effect. Especially when sexy Chinese women are already peaked and their emotions are running high, it would be a low blow to play self-righteous in this case.

Therefore, to prevent any misunderstanding from escalating into a full-blown conflict, heed the advice given by the most popular dating sites. There are some key phrases never, ever to use in the middle of an argument with your Chinese girlfriend, and they are as follows:

  1. “You never…” or “You always…”


Uh-oh. You’re in for a major scream fest when you start off with these downers. Experience will tell you that you’ll get an even more upset response from sexy Chinese girls when you tell them: “You never listen!” or “You’re always making the same mistake!” This is usually where most of the yelling begins, simply because you’re overstating with a generalization that could probably be inaccurate or untrue.

Instead, it would be more helpful to begin your statement with an “I” instead of a “you”. For instance, you could say that, “I felt hurt when the other guy was flirting with you” or “I’d be grateful if you helped me out next time.”

  1. “There you go again…”

Asian Women,sexy Chinese women,

Another exaggeration which gets you nowhere with a young and cute Chinese girl is when you imply that she’s going back to the same, old bad habits. Surely, it would make any girl for that matter furious when you sum up all of her behaviors (even the good ones) into one bad heap.

  1. “I’ll only talk to you when you’re being rational.”

Quite a condescending remark, this is a big no-no when you’re in a heated argument with Asian women. In this case, you’re not asking for time-out or a breather. You’re actually implying that you’ve ended the conversation and will have nothing to do with her since, to your mind, she’s misbehaving. Such a dismissive statement won’t help either of you get out of the sticky mess.

  1. “You’re so much like your/my mother.”

Now, careful with this one! This could be a double-edged sword you wouldn’t want to play with during an argument. After all, no one wants to be compared to a nagging and fault-finding mother-like figure – especially not any of the  who are seeking men to date and marry. At any given age, it helps to remember that every woman wants to stand her own ground without being typecast into a tired, old woman or a crazy hag.

  1. “Just stop it. I’m out of here.”

Hold it right there, before you utter these same words to a traditional Chinese woman. Whether said with or without finality, this hurtful remark would imply that you’re done and it’s over. Even when you don’t really mean that you’re abandoning her, it could change the whole scenario. So, before you end up with the regret of losing your Asian woman, watch your words and measure them carefully!


Boonsri is a dating expert who has helped many singles solve their relationship difficulties. He joins love-sites.com aiming to assist people to blossom relationships with useful tips and suggestions.

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