6 Green Flags That You’ve Found a Keeper Among Philippines Girls

You may have heard the phrase “she’s a keeper,” but never quite understood its meaning. Basically, when you find a “keeper” among Philippines girls, being with that girl is so good in various aspects of dating that you are planning to “keep” her in your life.

You have probably read hundreds of articles about dating red flags. But what about the “green” flags? How do you know that you have found a “keeper” among Philippine women? These are the signs that you should definitely consider dating a girl if:

She’s the Person You Want to Share the Good and Bad News With

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Let’s imagine that you’ve been promoted, or, on the contrary, you were fired. Who’s the first person you want to share the news with? If your first impulse is to call your partner, then you’ve most likely chosen the right girl among the many Philipino girls.

A “keeper” can provide her shoulder of support when you’re going through the rough times as well as share your happiness when something remarkably good occurs in your life. If she’s the person you want to tell everything that’s going on in your life, it’s a good indication that she’s the right pick for a long-term relationship.

She’s Easy to Talk to

Her ability to support you isn’t the only good thing about her. If you’re planning to find a girl for long-term Philippines dating, her ability to keep up an easy and interesting conversation is also of paramount importance.

If talking to a woman feels like a drag, or you lose interest when discussing even the most basic topics with her, it’s a red flag. If speaking to her is a pleasure, on the other hand, she can maintain a fascinating conversation for hours, and, more importantly, she’s not just talking but also listening, it’s a major “green flag.”

Chatting with a girl on an online dating site can give you a very good idea of the girl’s ability to keep up an interesting conversation.

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She’s Not Embarrassed to Admit It When She’s Wrong

First of all, it’s perfectly normal to disagree about certain things, and sometimes even fight when dating Philippine brides. What matters isn’t whether you fight at all (a recent study cited by The Guardian found that couples who argue together, stay together), but rather how these fights end.

If fighting with your partner feels like a battle or even war, it’s a red flag. When arguing with your partner in a healthy relationship, you need to remember that you are on the same team. That isn’t some kind of battle where one is the winner, and the other one is the loser.

It shouldn’t feel embarrassing to admit that you were wrong, so when sexy Philipino girls do it, and there’s no blaming and no hurt feelings involved at the end of a fight, you should know that you’ve found a keeper!

She’s Forgiving

Speaking of fighting… If your girlfriend is forgiving after you fight and she doesn’t hold grudges, congratulations, you’ve found a unique girl among the many Philippine singles out there. Unless you make some kind of unforgivable mistake – like cheating on her – a keeper will always forgive you. In most instances, she’s not the kind of person who holds grudges and rubs mistakes in your face at any given opportunity.

You’re the Real, Authentic You with Her

If you behave around her exactly like you do when you’re alone and no one can see you, it’s a good indication that you’re dating the right girl. When you go out with a girl for the first time, you’re not the real you. And she’s probably not the real her either. And it’s perfectly normal because we want to seem better than we are until we feel comfortable enough to reveal the real and authentic version of us.

When you no longer have to pretend to be someone you’re not when dating a girl, and you still feel comfortable in your skin, that’s a “green flag.” If you don’t need to wear a mask or constantly try hard when being around your partner, she’s a keeper.

She’s Willing to Step Outside of Her Comfort Zone For You

You know you’ve found a keeper when she doesn’t mind stepping outside of her comfort zone for you. In fact, when a girl is willing to do things for someone that she wouldn’t normally do under other circumstances, that girl is genuine and fun to be around. There are many Philippine women seeking American men who’ll do whatever it takes to please their boyfriend whether she’s trying to impress him or just want to share that experience with him even though she wouldn’t necessarily do that thing if it wasn’t for him.

For example, she would be totally fine to go fishing with you even though she thinks fishing is boring, or she would agree to attend the concert where your favorite band is performing even though she hates loud music and crowds of people. If she’s willing to do the things that make you happy just to please you, she’s definitely a keeper.


Boonsri is a dating expert who has helped many singles solve their relationship difficulties. He joins love-sites.com aiming to assist people to blossom relationships with useful tips and suggestions.

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