August 13, 2022

International dating advice for men seeking foreign brides Review – 4 Scam Questions Mostly Asked

asiame review

Is the review real? Can these dating sites really help you find your other half? So far, the flood of dating sites claim that they can help find you find your soul mate. Should we believe them? Is it a scam? Continue reading…

Important questions to ask yourselves to find out if is a scam


What should you know about

a. Registration on is quick and easy – it takes just a few seconds – enter your name, email address and password, or log in via Facebook. Then enter a few more casual details. Just a few easy steps and you are all ready to step onto the site.,asian girl dating

b.’s search function is not yet perfect. There are only age, country of residence and online status search options to choose from.,asiame

c. There are several ads on,of which the content is rich. As long as you are online, chat invitations from ladies will pop up. Getting in contact with ladies is easy – everything you want (or more) is to the left of each page, including Camshare, Video Show and Live Chat services, and more.

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Whats the cost (membership) of like? is a paid dating site, which means you need to pay to become a member. Prices are usually shown on the purchase page, and you will need to agree to pay this fee to continue using their services. But you will get special privileges if you’re a member. However, in the long run, can feel a bit expensive, unless you’re loaded.

What do you think about the result of communication on

It is said that the profiles posted on are real, but how do I know the person I’m talking to is that person? What I found is has always stressed that they cannot guarantee the outcome of any relationship, and that users must use their site at their own risk. Just have a look at their Terms and Conditions of and you’ll see.

After all, is a communication platform – they can’t control the feelings of their members. Just like in real life, face-to-face communication, we cannot guarantee that any relationship will end up the way we want it to. This is a free world and we are all free to choose. And there’s also the problem with language and cultural differences that can cause further problems.

But I also very much understand the feeling of not getting what you want after spending a large amount of money on something. Feeling conned would be a normal feeling and reaction. After investigation and reading tons of users’ reviews, here are some recommendations to avoid problems:

  1. Pay attention to changes in behavior of your other half. These are communication problems. Do not allow suspicions to slowly ferment into dissatisfaction, and then into resentment, which will lead to the end of a relationship.
  2. If after careful consideration, you find that you’re not right for each other, ending the relationship may not necessarily be a bad thing. There may be more suitable people out there. As long as you are willing to try, you will have a
  3. If you suspect any fraudulent activity, you should report it to immediately so it can be investigated earlier. takes fraud seriously and will give members a reasonable solution.

How uses your info?

If you have read’s Privacy Policy, you will find it states that under no circumstance will AsiaMe sell or transfer for monetary gains your information to any unrelated third party without your permission. All chat information between you and your ladies is always kept confidential and will not be disclosed. Your privacy is the priority here and you can be reassured of this.

The verdict on

In short, when exploring an online dating site, you shouldn’t be fooled by what the majority of people say online. Everyone should have his own ability to judge. Life is short and you should enjoy dating, but, of course, with a rational attitude. What do you think?