Asian Dating Information About Bar Girls In Thailand

Dating and marrying hot Asian girls is a popular thing today. And women from China, Thailand, Vietnam are the favourite Asian brides in the western world. For those who love exotic Thai women and are serious to find a true love, it is better to avoid a special group of Thai girls. The Bar girls. They may bring you a lot of fun and pleasure, but no love. And what they want to get from you is money instead of your emotion and affection.

Where do These Girls Come From?

Thai girls
Thailand bar girls from poor families

You can see these girls easily in the Go Go clubs or beer bars in Thailand. It is said that most of them come from a poor Thailand place called Issan. People in that slum district mainly depend on agriculture for the most basic livelihood. In order to support the family and to satisfy the primary need of food and clothing, these girls are sent out of the place to get a job in big cities like Pattaya Bangkok and Phuket, however, their families staying home never know that they work as a bar girl. They think money in the city is easy to earn and they are happy to have enough money to improve the living conditions.

How do They get Started?

Prostitution in Thailand is not prohibited as fiercely as in other countries. Instead, it seems to be a common occupation in some featured places like Pattaya. In order to get more money, these poor girls take a long way to meet their friends and relatives in cities, who work in bars or clubs and promise to help her find a job later, making these girls become one of them. Meanwhile, these girls will lie to their families by telling them that they have found a job in a hotel or restaurant.

Why do They Choose These Jobs?

Thai girls
Thai girls make more money in clubs or bars

You may think there are other good choices for these Asian women to make money. But it is not that easy as you think. They have got little education and factories are the only place to work if they really want a normal job. But you can not imagine how low the salary is for a traditional worker. Bar girls can easily make 1,000 Baht per hour, but factory workers have to work all day to get 200 Baht. In the case, these girls tend to choose a high income job. Hanging out with customers, dancing in club, playing games and having a few drinks seem to be easier for these girls. So you know they are in the bars or clubs not for a new boyfriend, but money. Never want to develop a relationship with these bar girls.

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