Asian Dating With Pattaya Thailand Girls

As a wonderful seaside resort in the Thailand, Pattaya is mostly famous for its go-go, beer bars and bustling nightlife. Every year thousands of people are attracted to this Asian beautiful spot, especially recreation seekers and the male tourists from all walks of life all over the world. Because this place always succeeds in reminding them of the hot sexy Pattaya Thailand girls and some sex images. Their long black hair, almond shaped eyes, sexy petite bodies, playful mood and amazing smiles can always awaken your curiosity! If you are going to spend a crazy sexy holiday with these available single attractive young Thai women, you might want to read the following.

No money, no honey.

Hot Thai girl
Hot Thai girl

You probably know that most male tourists travelling to Pattaya are looking for a sex with these well-known hot Thai girls. So many girls in Pattaya make a living by providing sexual services to foreign men. Generally speaking, it costs at least 500 Baht for a short-time session of an hour or so, and 1000 Baht for long-time (all night) to have “fun” with regular bar girls or go-go girls. In fact, most of these half-naked sexy Thai girls are from poor family. The majority of them originate from the Thailand’s northeastern region commonly called Isaan or Esarn, the poorest area of Thailand. Because in some way this area is very traditional and prostitution is shameful, and people live in poor life with the low wage. As a result, these Thai girls have to go out to seek higher-paying work and their little formal education can not help them find any better job with higher income than being a sexual hooker. These bar girls are mostly in it for the easy money, the thrill, the laughs and non-stop stimulation of the senses.So no money, no honey. You have fun, and she gets the money. Win-win.

Be careful of your Asian Dating with Pattaya girls.

Pattaya Thai girls
Pattaya Thai girls

However, some westerners do not just enjoy the partying, drinking and fun with these hot girls, but uncontrolled fall in love with them. But romantic infatuation is different from a cross culture relationship. Most of them are likely to please you and make you feel the romance or love just in order to make money from you. Perhaps you are so lucky to meet someone who is really in love with you, but still it’s not a easy to keep a relationship with her. Family value is important to the Thai people. And these girls in bars or nightclubs always send money back to support her parents, and if she quits her bar job and moves away with her boyfriend, her parents will expect that money from the future son-in-law. That is not an easy-going matter for all the westerners.
However, there are success marriages between Pattaya girls and western men. There are a great number of hot Thai singles in Pattaya who want a date with good western guy, but seldom go out to bar or club. These ladies tend to be quite shy, because Thailand is still a rather conservative country. If you find that she’s VERY talktive and too outgoing, it’s probablly a sign that she may be working or have worked in a bar, who is trying to get money rather than love from you. Therefore, it is better to find a one that involve in no bar or crazy nightlife, if you really want to marry a Pattaya Asian girl.


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