Asian Ladies – Flirting Signs Men Misunderstand

Men are great in a lot of different things. Even in dating Asian ladies, who are commonly conservative, they still excel. Sadly, though, there are still things that men are none the wiser. We’re talking about flirting signs possible Asian brides throw at them that either goes unnoticed or misunderstood.

Men, if Asian girls, or any other woman for that matter, do these signs, know that they are more likely trying to flirt with you.

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  1. Making the First Move

This is probably the most obvious sign, and it’s really a wonder how some guys miss this. Women don’t generally make the first move. Yes, we live in a world now where stereotyping is thrown out the window. However, men still usually make the first move. So, if those gorgeous Asian girls come up to you, they are probably interested in you.

  1. Crossing The Legs

This is another classic. Men often think that crossing the legs is just what women do to sit more comfortably. While that may be true, you’d know when the leg crossing is a bit more than an innocent movement. Especially when they do it and show some skin at the same time, it’s probably because they want to flirt with you.

  1. Straightening Up

People, not just attractive Asian women, generally become more aware of their posture when they’re trying to impress somebody or get somebody’s attention. It’s like they’re readying themselves for the dive. Every fiber in their body becomes more alert and aware. So, the next time a woman corrects her posture whenever she sees you, you know what to do.

  1. Playing with the Hair

Not a lot of women do this, but hair play is one powerful flirting move. You might see this pose in many mature Asian women pics when they’re trying to exude sensuality. If a photo can give you that flirting vibe, why not a woman in the person doing some hair twisting?

  1. Fidgeting

Okay, so most women are pretty confident when they try to flirt. However, some are new to the game, just like how some men are; so, they tend to fidget when they try to flirt. It can also because of the nerves they’re feeling at the moment. What you can do in this situation is be nice and make her feel as comfortable as possible.

  1. Freshening Up Too Often

Yes, it can only be because they want to feel fresh. But, it can also be because they don’t want you to see them in a haggard state. Why not take the risk? If you notice them freshening up way too often, and you’re interested in them, approach them and start the conversation.

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  1. Winking

When you meet Asian singles, you might notice some of them winking. To be honest, any woman may do this, not just Asians. How do you miss this sign though? Nobody winks at someone in a bar without the intention to flirt.

  1. Making You Jealous

In some twisted way, women think that making you jealous is flirting. What makes it more wondrous? It actually works! When you do things like online dating on your phone all the time, that makes women jealous, but that is not to say that two can’t play the same game. However, while you may be oblivious to the fact that they’re jealous, women, sometimes, actually do it on purpose to make you jealous and start the flirting game.

  1. Being Active on Social Media

Flirting has become easier with today’s technology. You can meet an Asian woman online if you want. Now, if you notice that this woman is very active on YOUR social media, liking your posts, tagging, and mentioning you even, that may mean that she wants to flirt with you.

  1. Laughing at Everything You Say

It’s because she really likes you. When she starts flirting with you, you might notice that she finds you amusing and extremely funny. If you’re naturally funny, you may find that she’d always be one of the first ones to laugh at the joke you just cracked.

  1. Dressing Up

Of course, women like to dress up. They have so many clothing articles that it’s hard to keep track, really. While she may be naturally fashionable and stylish, she will take it up a notch. That’s because she’s expecting to flirt with you, and her outfit of the day helps her be more comfortable about doing it.

  1. Liking What You Like

Some women may start flirting with you by finding common things between you two. You may think that this is just a cute coincidence, and, in some cases, it really is. However, sometimes, they intend it to happen to break the ice.

  1. Showering You with Compliments

Women don’t usually give men compliments. They’re more likely to give their girlfriends that. It’s true that women can drop a compliment for you once in a while, but if she showers you with it, don’t misunderstand it for her just being nice. She compliments you a lot because she wants to start something with you.

  1. Needing Help

Especially with women today, needing help with little things may just be a flirting sign from them. Women nowadays do it all. There’s rarely an occasion when they’ll need a man’s help, and if they do, they still try to do it on their own. So, if a woman gives you plenty of chances to help her, that just means she’s throwing you a flirting sign.


Of course, all these actions can be innocent, but there’s a high probability that they aren’t. So, when you see these signs from her, take the opportunity if you want to. However, make sure that you’re getting the right signal from her first and test the waters to avoid grave mistakes.


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