August 13, 2022

International dating advice for men seeking foreign brides

Best Topics to talk about with a girl

So you are looking for your potential life partner and you happen to stumble upon a Chinese beauty! Now it’s time to take it a step forward and get her talking. But what should you really talk about? What kind of topics can create a comfortable ambience? What should you avoid talking about? First meet up is always a bit daunting for both parties. But no worries, we have got your back. Here a few topics for you to practice and to get on with your Asian girls.


asian-girlsRemember, your first impression is the last impression. People especially Chinese girls love it when you call them by their name. So do your homework, revise and remember her name. You call a wrong name, and it will instantly turn her off. Move with ease. No rushing and getting nervous. You’re on the right track!


Here comes the fun part. Look out for common interests, things that will draw you both closer. Chinese women love to talk about themselves. This will keep things relaxed between both you. Don’t get too personal and avoid asking about private matters. There’s time for that.

A little bit of seriousness

The lighter side of things is surely a plus. But being too laid back can give her wrong signals too. Pop in questions on career, work and how she looks at life. You both might find appreciative aspects about each other’s personality. Another plus, one important thing: don’t talk too much about yourself, rather be a good listener and get her talking more. Be flexible!


Many beautiful Chinese girls have a consistent hobby although they might now know about it. Ask her about what she does in her leisure time. Follow up by asking her questions that are related to her replies. Consider umbrella questions that will make her talk more. Share your own hobbies. In between the randomness, laugh occasionally.


Chinese women appreciate if their men are social. Newly wed Chinese brides get the impression that their man is more respected if he has more acquaintances. So, talk about your friends and ask her about her social circle. This way, you guys will get to know each other more and that will get you two to trust each other as well.


chinese-girlsIf you are looking for Chinese wife, you have to be certain that you respect her traditions. Chinese are very particular about good habits and manners. They like to keep their traditions alive. Ask her about her family and most importantly, what and how she looks at such aspects of life. Whether she is a career-oriented woman or she’s more on the stay-at-home side. Don’t forget that she might also be looking for answers in your behavior. Women observe how men talk and behave in public. To Chinese, sophistication is crucial. Besides, she would also want to know whether you are the kind of person who will get along with her family or not. To a Chinese wife, family harmony is important.

Future Plans

Ok, this one’s a heavy hitting question and many people don’t feel comfortable talking about future plans. As a stranger, you have to be a bit more careful with this one. Questions related to future plans are good for a healthy conversation and it’s a way for both of you to find out of you match or not.