August 13, 2022

International dating advice for men seeking foreign brides

Chinese Brides: Beautiful Ladies with Family Values

The popularity of Chinese brides is in constant growth among Western men. The more they learn about the advantages of having Asian wives, the more interested they are in marrying women from China! Online dating sites make Chinese dating easy-accessible, which is encouraging users worldwide to register and find their ideal women over the internet.

There are many reasons why these beautiful ladies are so popular. Before signing up to a dating website and talking to Chinese attractive girls, future users should learn more about these noblewomen first. With enough knowledge about the culture and features of women they are approaching, men have a higher success rate on dating apps.

Physical Features of Chinese Women

The beauty of hot Chinese women impresses people all around the world. Men are mesmerized by the purity and attractiveness, while women are impressed by the “eternal youth” of Chinese pretty ladies. Chinese girls typically have smooth skin comparing to Western girls; they have small noses, wide cheekbones, and flatter faces than the stereotypical girls from the West. The hair of girls in Asia is mostly straight and dark; Chinese women usually have healthy and a slender figures which make them even more irresistible.

These differences make foreigners want to marry a sexy Chinese wife so they can admire the authenticity and exotic beauty every day!

Putting on extra pounds after getting married? Not a chance! Chinese ladies are taught to take care of themselves by good dieting and active lifestyle. Their beauty fades away very very slowly. It is not rare to see many beautiful and elegant mature Chinese women in their 40s and 50s.

Chinese wife

Chinese Brides Know How to Make Their Men Happy

One of the reasons why more and more men are trying to find a Chinese wife is because these women truly know how to make their men happy. Ladies from China feel obligated to please others, especially their husbands! Although these girls grew up in a conservative environment (by Western standards), they are ready to go the extra mile to make their men happy. Thus, these girls can adjust to new circumstances and live modern lives next to their husbands, while keeping the core values that make Asian pretty women so special.

Western men find immense comfort and stability with these ladies, which is one of the reasons why Chinese brides have good reputation internationally. With mature Chinese women, feeling good and taken care of is a part in every relationship. Making her man happy is one of the top priorities of every Chinese woman.

Chinese Mail Order Brides Age Slowly and Gracefully

It is no secret that Asians age better than any other race. Often, people joke that if you marry a wife in Chinese region in her 20s, she will look the same for at least 20 more years! There’s a lot of truth in that joke. The exact reason why women in Asia look younger in comparison to women from other continents is not defined. However, several reasons are typically mentioned to explain this occurrence.

1. Diet

If you get a Chinese mail order wife, you will enjoy healthy meals every day! If you are not in a good shape, you soon will be. It is believed that a balanced diet is one of the principal factors behind the youthful appearance of pretty Chinese ladies. Their daily food intake contains a lot of vegetables, while people in the West eat more dairy, meat, bread, and pastries.

2. Healthy mind, healthy body

Most beautiful Chinese women look young because they feel young! Asian people pay a lot of attention to physical and spiritual well-being. They generally try to avoid stress and live calm lives. The lifestyle in Asia is incomparably calmer than the typical lifestyle in Western countries. Staying free of stress and growing spiritually affects women in China positively. The state of mind reflects on the body, which can be one of the reasons they look younger. Of course, physical self-care also has an important role in the lives of Chinese stunning women. They stay physically active at all times, which helps them keep beautiful body figures.

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Chinese Wife Has Good Family Values

Chinese brides for marriage mostly grew up in traditional environments that teach how to treat the “head of the house” right. Asian women are disciplined, supportive, and friendly. They don’t push their opinions onto others the way some Western girls do; they are understanding and follow traditional family values! In the past, a Chinese wife could not even think of having a career or doing much outside her family duties. She completely focused on raising her children and housekeeping. Today, the situation is quite different. Girls in China also moved forward; they have more freedom and they also pursue careers. However, being a dedicated wife and mother has not changed.

Men can see some of the family values even while dating Chinese women. For example, these ladies are not high-maintenance. They do not like to waste money on things they don’t need. Instead, Chinese wives prefer to save money for important family investments. They put the mutual goal above their individual goals, which keeps the family strong and united.

Chinese Women Dating – Do Chinese Girls Like American Men?

“Chinese wife American husband” combination is not uncommon. In fact, these mixtures are happening often, especially since the expansion of international dating sites. American men seek something in Chinese beautiful girls that they cannot find in their homeland and vice versa. When people from these two countries connect, they get the best out of their cultural differences!

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Why an American Man Needs a Chinese Mail Order Wife?

If you are dating a Chinese girl, you will notice that she is incredibly accepting and supportive. In United States, girls typically put themselves first, which is okay considering the American culture and their beliefs. However, the mentality is different in Asia. Women do not put their needs above everything; they put common happiness in the first place instead, even if it takes some sacrifice.

For example, most girls in China would be ready to give up their lives in the former country and move to different continents to live with their partners. Chinese hot girls are open to adaptation so they wouldn’t have a hard time accepting the Western culture. Some of the reasons why nice ladies from China like American men is because they feel freer and more alive with them. They also have fun with foreigners more than Asian men and they like the open-mindedness of the Western world, among other reasons.

How to Get a Chinese Wife?

Many may think that an international dating site is the best way to buy a Chinese wife. When we say buy, we don’t mean literally buy because you cannot purchase a wife. People misunderstand the term “mail order bride”. Many internet users think that they can order a wife to the home address if they pay a certain price, which is impossible and disrespectful. This term refers to “paid services” on a dating platform, which could assist you in finding your future wife. The more services you purchase, the more accesses you will have to contact ladies on-site. However, you need to talk to girls online and get to know them the way you would do in person. Only if a woman likes you and you start a relationship, you could potentially make her your wife. It is all voluntary.

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How to Tell If a Chinese Woman Likes You?

Chinese girls dating is slow and meaningful. These ladies are usually shy at the beginning so you will have to pay attention to mixed signals if you want to make sure they like you.

Some of the signs that a Chinese lady likes you:

She talks more

When a Chinese pretty woman starts talking to you constantly, it will mean that she is more interested in you. She will initiate topics, ask questions, give long answers, and generally seem involved in the conversation.

Smiling and laughing

Having a good time together is the key to making a girl like you. If you make her smile and laugh, take it as a sign that your potential future girl likes you.

Teaching you about her culture

When Chinese brides start teaching about Chinese culture, it is a major sign of interest. Chinese women do not show their world to just anyone. If the girl you like wants you to learn more about this topic, make sure not to let her down.


To find Chinese brides and build a long-term and happy relationship, there is no need to travel to China to meet Chinese women. International online dating and mail order brides sites can connect you and the Chinese girls. Sign up, use it wisely to become a happy husband!