Chinese girls are easy: 5 reasons to think otherwise

I want to date a Chinese girl and I’m not sure what to expect when it comes to fooling around…Help!

The rules for Chinese dating might be radically different from what you’ve come to expect from Western women–don’t be caught off-guard!

If you think Chinese girls looking to date Western men are easy, you’ve got another think coming!

A buddy of mine once dated a girl from Tuscany for a summer. She was a classical Italian girl: super-hot, tall, beautiful, funny and outgoing–I’m still not sure how my idiot friend managed to even get one date with her, to be honest…

Chinese brides
But it didn’t last long. One thing I remember him having a hard time adjusting to was how she would go in for a kiss on the cheek and a friendly, but firm hug every time she met someone new, man or woman. It was perfectly innocent, understand, just one of those charming cultural differences you have to adapt to. Or not, in the case of my friend! He got super jealous, and ultimately ruined a good thing.
When it comes to dating Asian girls, there’s a whole other kind of traditional culture you are going to have to come to expect.

We’ve all seen those beautiful girls on Asian dating sites. Long, sleek, black hair, shy smiles, deep brown eyes. One of the best things about meeting girls on China dating sites is the amazing and constantly delightful cultural differences you encounter as you get to know them better, through chat and other online interactions.

But it’s one thing to meet a Chinese girl online; it’s quite another to meet her in person for the first time. If you’re serious about dating Chinese women, and maybe even finding a Chinese bride, you should consider a few things.

For one thing, Chinese society is more or less still Confucian-based. What does this mean? Well, let’s just say don’t expect Chinese girls to come home with you after the first date. I’d be surprised if you could even expect a kiss.Chinese girl

There is a strong streak of conservatism in Chinese society, even as the nation opens up economically and westernizes little by little. And while traditional roles for women have opened up a great deal in recent years, thousands and thousands of years of tradition in which women were given a role as traditional Chinese brides–delicate flowers who were expected to remain chaste until marriage are difficult to overcome.

For instance, you can definitely expect that most Chinese women are going to be more shy than most Western girls. It’s a stereotype, yes, and of course it doesn’t apply to each and every girl from Asia; that would just be silly. But there can be truth in it.

Another traditional holdover is that many Chinese women are more conservative than their Western counterparts. So be careful with salty language and jokes as well as the timing of your big move.

But even beyond these well-documented cultural differences, modern Chinese girls are going to be different for dating than most western girls. These ladies are driven by education and career; they aren’t going to be eager to jump in the sack with the first Caucasian man to roll up with a bouquet of flowers. (On the other hand, you could do worse than offering her some small gift on your first date–look up gifts for Chinese women for some idea of how this tradition works.)

Finally, stability is very, very important for many Chinese women. Not only in terms of your job and income and other nuts and bolts factors like that, but also in terms of how you are as a person. In order to impress a traditional Chinese girl you don’t necessarily need to be a big talker or flash a lot of cash or anything like that. Often all you need to be is stable and kind and honest.

And before you know it, you will be reading up on how to marry a Chinese girl!


Victoria Young is a Chinese woman who blogs about dating chinese woman and how to deal with intercultural differences in a Chinese-Western relationship.

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