August 13, 2022

International dating advice for men seeking foreign brides

Chinese Mail Order Brides: Everything You Need To Know About Chinese Dating

In China, the country with a growing gender gap, millions of men are staying single because of the shortage of women. Or, as the New York Post put it, “dating in China is seriously brutal.”

According to the New York Post, there are currently 118 men for every 100 women. Moreover, around 200 million Chinese are currently single. One of the reasons why China is going through the “dating crisis” is not just because of the statistical gender gap, but also because an increasing number of Chinese girls choose to seek boyfriends and husbands abroad, making the situation even worse.

The popularity of Chinese dating sites has been booming over the past few years, with millions of Chinese brides creating profiles on dating websites and apps to fall in love with a foreigner. Foreign men, meanwhile, couldn’t be happier about the fact that they now have a new way to meet Chinese girls for marriage.


Chinese women vs. Japanese women: What’s the difference?

Let’s face it: there are literally billions of women out there, but what makes Chinese girls stand out from the crowd? Quite a few things. No need to go far to draw a comparison. Let’s compare Chinese women and Japanese women to see what makes Chinese mail order brides so special in the eyes of Westerners.

Unlike Japanese women, who are brought up thinking that marrying a foreigner is a disgrace, Chinese women are curious about other cultures, and the idea of dating a man from another country, who is coming from a different cultural background, is quite fascinating, especially considering China’s isolationist tendencies.

Chinese women are more likely to show a genuine interest in their partner compared to Japanese girls, who are no strangers to faking interest. As we’ve mentioned earlier, Chinese brides for marriage are generally curious about other countries and cultures, which is why a Chinese girlfriend or wife will always be glad to be by your side.

Traditionally, Chinese women are taught to stick close to their roots and their families. They have a profound level of love for their family, which is why Chinese girls are considered to be the most loyal and faithful women in the entire world. As a rule of thumb, Japanese girls don’t spend much time with their families once they leave the house in college.

Last but not least, a pleasant bonus is Chinese women’s attitude toward make up. Unlike Japanese women, who have developed an obsession with makeup and can spend hours to do their makeup, a Chinese wife will have no problem going outside with minimal or no makeup at all. When you are dating a natural beauty, you always know what you’re getting. Dating a girl who is overly obsessed with looks and makeup, on the other hand, can be disappointing when you see her with no makeup whatsoever.


Why do Chinese girls want to find foreign husbands?

Now that we’ve established that beautiful Chinese women truly stand out from the crowd, many people are also curious about what makes Chinese girls want to date foreign men.

According to a study mentioned in the South China Morning Post, the vast majority of young Chinese women (51%) indicated a preference for foreign husbands overs Chinese men. But why do Chinese girls want to date foreigners so much?

First and foremost, it goes without saying that most Chinese women view marrying a foreign man as opening many doors and opportunities in their life. By marrying a man from the West, a Chinese wife gets to start life anew. She gets a promising future and the unique chance to fulfill her dreams.

In the West, a Chinese girl has the opportunity to build her career and give birth to children in the country with high standards of living and a prosperous economy. It would be naive to say that Chinese women don’t care about the financial benefits of marrying a foreigner. And in no way does it mean that all Chinese girls are shallow or that they care only about money and rich life. All it means is that Chinese ladies want the best for their future family and children. And foreign men can deliver that.

Apart from the “marriage to a foreigner is the ticket to a better life” theory, most young and mature Chinese women are also attracted to foreign men more than they are attracted to Chinese men because Hollywood movies generally portray Western men as tall, handsome, respectful, confident, and caring. A foreign man is more likely to respect his woman’s privacy, choices, and independence.

These are the qualities every Chinese woman is looking for in her perfect boyfriend. Of course, there are exceptions and not every foreigner is tall, handsome, respectful, confident or caring. But those men who have these qualities score high when it comes to meeting Chines singles on Chinese dating sites.

Reasons why every foreign man should have a Chinese wife

There is a common misconception that Chinese women are easy to get, and it’s fair to say that a large portion of men who want to find a Chinese wife are guided by that misconception.

Not all Chinese women are easy. Far from it. In fact, there are many benefits of dating Chinese brides:

  1. They’re great housekeepers. All Chinese girls are taught to be good housekeepers by their mothers. A Chinese wife will always make sure that the house is clean, and will always make time to cook a delicious dinner for her beloved husband.
  2. They’re super cute. Whenever someone talks about “cute girls,” many foreigners immediately think about Chinese ladies. It is unique that Chinese girls can look innocent and sexy at the same time. And it’s charming to have a girlfriend or wife who is super cute by your side.
  3. They age gracefully. Having a Chinese wife means having a youthful woman by your side for decades to come. Let’s face it: even mature Chinese ladies in their 40s and 50s look stunning. That’s because Chinese women age gracefully like fine wine.
  4. They’re incredibly intelligent and well-educated. Sometimes it feels that dating a Chinese girl is like dating a walking dictionary or Wikipedia. Most Chinese girls go to university and truly devote their college years to studying and learning new things (not partying, like many Western girls do), which is why they are so smart and well-educated.
  5. They’re petite. Even if you aren’t physically strong or tall, dating a petite and short Chinese woman will make you feel more masculine. This, in turn, can help you build a healthier relationship. A masculine man dating a feminine woman is a recipe for a healthy and prosperous relationship.
  6. They’re polite, humble, and well-mannered. From a young age, Chinese girls are taught to live in harmony with other people, and always be polite and humble toward other people. Besides, Chinese brides are famous for their good manners, they know how to behave in the society and how to treat other people with respect.
  7. They’re wonderful travel buddies. Chinese ladies tend to be very adventurous. They love traveling and everything that has to do with exploring the world, other cultures, and other people. Traveling with a Chinese girl can create many good memories together, because Chinese know how to have fun and enjoy themselves.

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Things to be aware of when dating Chinese brides

Although dating a Chinese girl is definitely a wonderful experience, many foreigners jump into the Chinese dating scene head-on without realizing that dating a Chinese lady is not the same as dating a woman from their own country.

In fact, due to the cultural differences between China and the West, you may face quite a few challenges when dating or marrying a Chinese woman. These are the most common ones:

  1. Lack of communication. It’s no secret that most Chinese girls are shy. They aren’t exactly an open book, nor are they the talkative types who are eager to pour out their soul or reveal their feelings, fears, and dreams. Chinese women aren’t prepared to talk about themselves with everybody. They open up and share their intimate secrets to only those who they care about and can trust. If you can’t get your Chinese girlfriend to open up, it may be because she needs more time.
  2. Easy to impress. Don’t get the wrong idea here – Chinese women aren’t easy to get, but they might be easy to impress. That’s because Chinese girls aren’t used to the traditional chivalry that exists in the Western countries. Such gentleman gestures as opening and holding doors, pulling chairs, sharing an umbrella, giving a coat to a woman, and many more, are very rare for Chinese women. So do not be too proud if you notice that your Chinese girl is overly surprised or happier than you expected after your chivalry act.
  3. Reception of compliments. Most Chinese women tend to deflect compliments, ridicule them, misinterpret or minimize them. They’re doing so not because they don’t appreciate their suitor’s effort to compliment them, but because they have a hard time dealing with lovely words. Do keep in mind that Chinese girls are very shy and modest.
  4. Control of the household. While Western women are obsessed with feminism and emancipation, Chinese women have not fully jumped on that train yet. Both young and mature Chinese ladies still believe that they are the ones who are responsible for managing the household. So a man’s interference with a Chinese girl’s duties around the house may not be perceived well. Even if a girl accepts your help in cleaning the house, cooking, or any other activity in the household, she’ll most likely not be eager to let you be in control of the household.

Where to meet Chinese singles?

Now that we’ve established the benefits and challenges of dating Chinese women, let’s move past the “How to date a Chinese woman” stage and get to the “Where to meet Chinese girls” stage. With the emergence of online dating sites, meeting your future Chinese wife is no longer some unrealistic pipe dream.

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