Does Instant Chemistry exist in Colombian Women Dating?

Were there times when you’ve been through Colombian women dating and experienced that feeling of getting instantly attracted to your date? If that’s what you felt, then it’s likely because you developed the feeling of instant chemistry with her. As you go on dating the same person, that feeling of comfort gets even bigger.

But here’s the thing: is instant chemistry really a thing when dating Latin beautiful girls? How exactly do you know that you have some sort of chemistry with your date?

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Instant Chemistry Explained

Instant chemistry is a romanticized idea that refers to the instant and intuitive connection that sparks a lot of amazing relationships. Think of it this way:

You’ve been swiping on a lot of Latinas, browsing through their Latin girl’s images, and after a while of swiping, someone finally managed to capture your attention. You then hit on her, and both of you started chatting. Finally, you decided to ask her out for a date – and that’s when things started to get interesting.

The moment you met her, it feels completely different from the other single women you’ve dated before. You felt like there’s something about her that completely draws you in, and you get to think that she is THE ONE. That is how you would define instant chemistry. In most cases, the attraction is quite powerful that it’s almost impossible to ignore.

The question is, is instant chemistry even a thing among Colombian women seeking men to date?

Well, instant chemistry normally happens to almost everyone who got into dating, and that means that it also applies to Colombian women who are actively looking for someone to date. If you’re dating a Colombian woman whom you’ve met in dating sites, then here are some of the signs that will tell you that you two have instant chemistry with each other once you decide to meet:

  1. You tend to lose track of time

One of the biggest indicators that you have chemistry with your date is when both of you lose track of your time. When you’re with her, hours will feel like minutes, and time will fly pretty fast that you’ll be shocked once you find out.

You’ll often think that there won’t be enough time to spend with her, and this could be due to having long and meaningful conversations, enjoying a really good time together, or simply spending time getting to know each other.

  1. There’s body language involved

Communication without the use of words is just as important as verbal communication to ensure positive chemistry with your date. Apart from that, nonverbal cues can be quite hard to control.

This explains why body language is a telltale sign that you have chemistry with your date. Some of the body language signs that can help tell you are as follows:

  • Playing with hair
  • Sweaty hands
  • Licking lips
  • Leaning in

Body language tends to reveal a lot of things we often hide. Due to that, these subtle nonverbal cues can show that you have chemistry with your date. This can be your clue when you start going out to meet Colombians for a date.

  1. Subtle flirting

You can tell when there’s chemistry between you and one of your Latino hot women dates when your flirting game is subtle and gentle. Apart from that, subtle flirting is also a means of expressing your attraction to your date without being too obvious to the other people around you.

  1. You always focus on each other

Even if there are lots of people in the room, you and your date always remain attentive towards one another. You’re always focused on what she does or says, and she’s doing the same thing.

And when you’re not together, you have the tendency to check on your phone for her message, and you sometimes find it hard to focus on your work since most of your thoughts are filled with her.

Colombian women seeking men

Is Instant Chemistry Necessary for a Relationship?

Is chemistry even necessary to make a relationship with your Colombian date work? Well, it sure is important, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that your relationship won’t work just because there’s no chemistry in it.

Think of it simply as an added bonus. There are lots of men these days who tend to look for that initial spark when they date Latin women hot, and if they didn’t find it, they tend to completely discount the person.

However, that shouldn’t be the case. Chemistry alone won’t be enough to make a relationship work, and there are times when you’ll feel in love with someone who you didn’t even feel instant chemistry with. If you’ve been through various online dating sites, you’ll understand that as you go meet new people, you’ll realize that they are quite fun and interesting to be with, even if there was no instant chemistry in the first place.


Instant chemistry is something that you shouldn’t force. It’s something that will come naturally, and it can be something that you might experience when you date several single Latino women.

You and your future date may or may not have it. In the event there’s no instant chemistry, then don’t worry. There’s more to dating and relationships, and chemistry is just a very tiny fraction of it.  So what are you waiting for? Go out there and start meeting new people so you can finally find THE ONE.


Mariana is’s resident Latin dating expert who has been passionately helping singles find love online.

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