Paperclipping: The Latest Trend To Deal With In Costa Rican Dating

We all have suffered one or more relationship breakups. But what happens when the other party suddenly resurfaces?

You might have moved on from a date and suddenly have your ex showing up from the blues after a long while? It happens these days in Costa Rican dating space and the trend is growing even more all over the world.

She now shows up not because she wants you back or drives a way forward, NO. She’s simply out to let you know she still exists on the surface of the planet earth. Probably he is interested in letting you know that he can be the option if you need one!

The scenario above is what is now referred to as Paperclipping. You kind of wonder where this term comes from, don’t you?

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Paperclipping found its way into dating from Microsoft Word. Remember Clippy? Millennials will know this very well. It is an icon of the Word application that usually pops up if you need some assistance when writing or formatting a document. So, the man pops up too! – not sure if you need his assistance…

Clippy appears to have been hijacked into the dating field with similar meaning. This means you can send an unsolicited message to your ex this way to remind her you’re still out there. Maybe you’re looking to find a wife in Costa Rica and it occurs to you that your ex is from there. Get her attention, use the Paperclipping approach

The word Clippy got some attention recently when Samantha Rothenberg shared her experience and aired her views about the use of Paperclipping. Should it be allowed in the relationship environment?

First, let’s take a close look at a sample post from Samantha about the subject:

“Sometimes I pop up for no reason at all,” Clippy says in the illustration. “See, the truth is, I’m damaged, flaky, and not particularly interested in you. But I don’t want you to forget I exist.”

This single post went viral. It was not just any kind of post. It was in comic format with a catchy illustration that will keep anybody glued to take a read of the text and comments left by others.

She might have written this as a follow up to when her ex popped up after a long while.

It tends to be an irritating one like she said. Take for instance, how does it feel when a Costa Rica wife gets a Paperclipping from her ex who probably is not aware of her current marital status? Hot Costa Rican brides-to-be still receive paperclips before the D-day of their wedding. How about that? It surely has its consequences and that can mean a lot to help or destroying a relationship.

With lots of likes in their thousands and many ‘wow’ statement reactions to Samantha’s posts, those who had experience working with Clippy in the past got their memories refreshed and felt excited about the term.

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Who is the ‘she’ that still sparkles in your thoughts, mind going the paper clipping way? Or are you looking for a new date? The beautiful Central American country, Costa Rica, is one place to meet Costa Rican women who will love you for who you. Meeting women in Costa Rica in top dating sites can be a delight, mind finding one out?

Is Clippy anything good? Everybody has an opinion about the reappearance of Clippy in a form that is unique to the relationship niche, especially in the dating climate.

A few people feel paperclipping your ex is good to let her know she is not forgotten. Yes, you don’t want to leave her in the cold. That is good. But won’t that result in the negative as well? Others find it an irritating act that doesn’t consider the emotions of the receiver, an insightful one also.

Whatever the case may be, paperclipping has come to stay as long as it can. It cuts across regions. When you meet Costa Rican ladies, ask what their experience is like. They get the call quite often from their ex. You can meet women in Costa Rica through your ex who may still give you a measure of attention if she is one.

The debate about whether paperclipping is anything helpful keeps ranging ever since Samantha published her post. Could it be another replica of the not-so-helpful Microsoft Clippy that got retired in 2017?

It is true that the timing of an ex popping up may cause harm rather than good in some people’s views, one can’t but agree less. Things might have changed far beyond what you’re looking at. If you’re having an eye for dating in Costa Rica, you can launch an even more effective way of reaching out to a lady in the various platforms over the internet instead of trying to pitch an ex.

To Samantha who wrote this post out of her personal experience, paperclipping is somewhat an unwelcome dating trend for this age.

Let’s be frank for a moment, paperclipping is a distraction. If you show up only to let the world know you still exist, will that change anything? It only leaves the other party thinking at random what your intention truly is. You have to consider the emotional implication of this act seriously. The digital atmosphere may provide us with lots of opportunities but it shouldn’t be exploited to cause undue intrusion into people’s lives.


Mariana is’s resident Latin dating expert who has been passionately helping singles find love online.

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