Flirting No-No’s Men Do in Latin Dating

Latin dating can be as tricky as dating in other nations. We can all agree that it’s not easy, but most of the time, it’s worth it. While some people, guys particularly, are naturally good at it, some are just in need of more lessons.

Focusing on Latin dating, it is common knowledge that Latina women are some of the most beautiful women in the world. They just have this appeal that can be irresistible to some men. So what do these men do? Of course, approach them.

However, where does it go wrong? If you’re wondering, read on to know the flirting no-no’s that some men unfortunately do. Maybe these will help your game.

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Being Cheesy

Okay, for some men, this actually works. They are just so cheesy that it plays to their advantage. After all, some women find it cute when men are quite cheesy. However, don’t overdo it. Dropping a cheesy line or two might work once in a while, but constantly doing it just takes the cuteness away. Instead of coming off as cute, you might come off as shallow or, for lack of a better word, dumb.

Being Too Romantic

This one’s a bit similar to being overly cheesy. Of course, being romantic is good! I bet Latino ladies love that just as much as any other lady does; but then again, overdoing it just wouldn’t get you plus points. There is something to be said about being subtlety romantic.

Being Too Sexual

Being too sexual is NOT sexy at all. Dropping green lines, especially in the early part of flirting, will make you look like a creep. No hot woman – hot Columbian women, Asian women, Western women or any woman from wherever in the world – will dig that. Well, any woman, hot or not, really.

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Being Too Forward

No, we’re not talking about being too sexual or romantic. We’re talking about straight up saying, “I’m very interested in you.” Of course, at some point, this statement is a good thing to say. It makes everything clear. However, it’s probably not your best card to use when flirting. Part of the fun in flirting is throwing hints here and there. You have got to find a way to make your intentions clear without actually saying the words.

Being Like a Stalker

Pursuing hot Columbian girls is good. It shows dedication. Do not, however, keep following them around. It’s a very stalkerish move, and women don’t appreciate that. Pursue them, but get a life too. Have your own activities. For example, in a bar where you can meet Colombian singles, keep your attention to them but not solely and entirely on them.

Being Demanding

We live in a world where women are very independent and empowered. Most pave their paths, and that is one of the reasons why some don’t like needy men. Since they are independent, they don’t enjoy bending to someone’s demands. So just be supportive. Women like men who are also independent. Being needy or too demanding gives the impression that the person has a lot of insecurities, and that’s not a good impression to make when flirting with Colombian singles.

Having a Lack of Topics

Don’t expect a woman to keep the conversation going. You are the one flirting with her, which means that you got to keep the conversation flowing naturally. It is your job to keep her interested in what you say, so make sure to have tons of good and interesting topics in your back pocket before you approach any woman.

Having Strong Opinions about Heavy Topics

This may be good for conversation – later on. However, during the flirting stage, you have got to keep the conversation light and fun enough without sounding too shallow. Witty conversations and comebacks are the way to go. Even in dating sites for singles, starting off a conversation about how you think your government is failing the whole country can put anyone off.

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Being Argumentative

Again with the strong opinions. Don’t let your strong opinions ruin the flirting for you. There is always a chance that you will meet someone who has different opinions from yours. Learn to respect that. If you really think that your views are too different, you are always welcome to walk away but do not be argumentative. Flirting is supposed to be the fun part after all.

Having No Story to Tell

Tell her stories about you. No, not the stories that are a little too personal. We’re talking about funny stories that will let her take a peak of what you are as a person or how fun you can be at the very least.

Being Mean

This is really a no brainer. Being mean isn’t cool at all. There are men who try to be funny by being mean to other people, and that is wrong on so many levels. That won’t make her think that you’re cool. It’ll make her think that you are just a jerk. Game over.

Being Desperate

Please, do not be desperate. Nobody wants to flirt with anyone who sounds or is desperate. It shows a lack of respect for oneself and the other person. Do not tell her how you like looking through Latin mail order brides or that you spend your days trying to talk to different women on the internet. And of course, when she doesn’t seem interested, be cool with it. Do not force her.


However, remember that ultimately, the goal in flirting is to have fun with someone you’re interested in. Do not take it too seriously or lightly. Exert effort, but do not make her feel pressured and uncomfortable. Keep it fun, and most importantly, be kind, natural, and confident.

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Mariana is’s resident Latin dating expert who has been passionately helping singles find love online.

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