Beautiful Latina: Loving Someone You Never Met Before

Imagine yourself having an attachment to a beautiful Latina you only met on an online dating app. The first thing you do is to start getting to know the person by asking a series of common questions. Then after days of chatting, doing FaceTime or Skype, you started to share your likes, dislikes, and day-to-day experiences; exchange pictures; even your dirty little secrets that you’ve kept for so long. Your feelings keep on growing each day she’s online. Then one day, you realized you have fallen in love with her.

While it’s quite bizarre to imagine yourself falling in love with someone you never met before personally, it’s actually possible in real life. With so many online dating websites for Latin women dating, finding Brazilian or Colombian women whom you can chat anytime is not difficult. In fact, there are many relationships in the modern generation that started from online dating apps. Some have already grown a family while others have just started.

beautiful Latina

Finding Love with Latinas

Whether the reason is due to their tanned skin, dark-colored hair, or accent, dating Latinas is considerably sophisticated and elegant. However, you have to consider this one question: how would you find these traits if you’re not living in Latin America? The answer would be, through dating websites. But is it possible to be able to pull it off when dating somebody you never met before?

Online Dating Relationships

When you start using a dating app, a series of questions would come popping up your mind. Questions like, “will I have a relationship using this?”, “will it make me happy?”, “will it fill the emptiness in me?”. These questions would bombard your mind the moment you set yourself on dating websites.

If you’re looking for beautiful single women, there are so many online dating sites to choose from. Some of the Latin love chats that can help you in finding your potential partner are,, and

How to Date a Colombian Woman

Just like anybody else looking for Latin American dating, it is important to point out that the first thing to consider is to know what kind of personality you’re looking for. There are times that the person you matched might be beautiful but has a personality you dislike.

Sometimes, you may also find a person you extremely like but doesn’t like you back. At the end of the day, you’ll end up swiping again to find another woman whom you think you can be your partner. If you’re looking for women from Colombia, it is much better to point out their personalities as it is your stepping stone toward getting a partner.

A Colombian woman is known as elegant and sophisticated. She’s also embodied as loving, nurturing, and constantly thinking of loving you forever. Additionally, she’s creative, sociable, adventurous, amiable, hardworking, compassionate, determined, and sensitive.

Due to these personal traits, many Colombian women are highly considered as perfect Latin wives that can foster a family. Despite this, not all Colombian women are good. Sometimes, they can become manipulative. A lot of Colombian women are also materialistic, always rely on their sexuality to uplift their life, have heavy religious beliefs that make them close-minded, and judging others based on the looks.

Colombian women

Loving a Person You Never Met Before

Fortunately, online dating websites are there to make your love life more meaningful. Truth is, when you already have someone you have been dating online, whether she is real or not, she’ll end up lingering in your head. Once you find yourself attached to that person, the idea that you are actually liking her already prove of your fondness.

It may sound crazy, but once you’ve passed on the external factors of online dating, you’ll find out that it is just exactly the same as real dating. Once you fall in love, virtual experiences such as email, texts, chats, and video calls matters.

Also, once you’ve established a solid trust to that person, deep conversations will eventually come. This time, you’ll start to share your insecurities, dreams, aspirations, and thoughts about life. You’ll find yourself being happy with the person even if you can only see her online. All of these will just go as natural as real dating.

Some of the noticeable effects of online dating include constantly checking your phone to see if she’s online and waiting for her name to show on your notification list. Your mind will constantly remind yourself of her despite not thinking about it. Then, you may start wondering if it’s possible to meet her personally. During this phase, there will be many what-ifs that will drive you crazy.

Loving the “Idea” of the Person

After all, when you are hooked with online dating, what you are actually liking is the “idea” of the person. Those personalities that you can see online might be different when you see her personally. Your mind is hardwired with the surface personality and not the reality. The million-dollar question is: is it really possible to love someone you never met before? It is likely, but the answer will always depend on you.


If you just want someone for a good talk or for a serious relationship, it is important to consider the factors first before giving it a go. Keep in mind that once you open an account for online dating, everybody can see your profile regardless of whether you are matched with them or not.

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Mariana is’s resident Latin dating expert who has been passionately helping singles find love online.

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