Flirting with Asia Girls – Tips for Shy Guys

The dating scene is competitive which is why some amount of self-confidence is needed to successfully flirt with women, especially when it comes to Asia girls. This is because most Asian women are generally shy and reserved.

This is due to the fact that despite the changing times, many Asian countries remain traditional when it comes to gender roles. This means men are generally expected to make the first move, not the other way around. Because of this, shy guys can find it even more difficult to flirt with cute Asian women.

So, if you’re a shy guy that wants to meet Asian women and successfully flirt with them, here are some tips you can follow.

  1. cute Asian womenRelax and breathe.

Before anything else, relax and breathe. If you’re apprehensive about flirting with them then you’re most likely nervous about approaching them first as well. Successful flirting is all about getting to know the person which is something that can be difficult to do when you’re anxious.

So, instead of thinking about how to get it right (or how it will go wrong), focus on simply getting to know the person you want to approach. While this will not erase the anxiety you’re feeling, it will help you appear more confident and help the woman you’re interested in relax when you talk to her.

  1. Don’t be afraid of being rejected.

One of the main reasons why shy guys often don’t approach the women they’re interested in is because they’re afraid of being rejected by them. However, this is counter-productive as you’re presuming that things will go wrong even before they do, inevitably ruining their chances even before they even try.

As mentioned, flirting is all about getting to know the other party which is why you should just set aside these thoughts and go say hi. Don’t overthink things. If she responds positively, then consider it a win. If she turns you down, then it’s ok. What’s important is you tried. After all, if you didn’t, you’ll still probably be thinking about whether or not you should have approached her.

  1. Confidence is vital.

As mentioned, self-confidence will go a long way when it comes to flirting with women, especially gorgeous Asian women. Although acting confident is somewhat contrary to your reserved nature, some amount of confidence will be needed to successfully flirt with women.

So, how do you act confident when you’re not feeling it? Well, the key is in the word “act.” If you’re not feeling particularly confident at the moment when you approach them, then simply fake it until you actually and gradually feel confident.

However, take note though that there’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance and crossing that line can make or break your interaction. So, act confident but remember to toe the line between confident and arrogant.

  1. Eye contact is needed as well.

So, you have decided to approach her and talk to her. When you’re shy, the default would be to avoid eye contact as it can feel too intense when you look people in the eye. However, if you want the Asian woman online you’re interested in to notice you, then you need to maintain eye contact during the conversation. However, don’t stare for too long, many mature Asian ladies find it offensive.

Not only will this allow them to feel your genuine interest in them, but it can also be a sign of their interest in you. So if she’s looking you in the eye, then it could mean a good sign for Asian women

  1. Listening and genuine interest are important.

Now that you have built a rapport, you need to listen to and be genuinely interested in what she has to say. This will help build a genuine connection which will help you both become more comfortable – and possibly even more confident.

Unlike with acting confident, this part shouldn’t be faked because faking your interest in what she’s saying is a surefire way to ruin what would otherwise be a nice time.

So, listen well and act interested. Talk about common interests that will help build your connection with each other.

  1. Act natural and be yourself.

This is the most important tip when flirting as a shy guy. While this may seem contrary to the previous advice of faking confidence, this actually lines up with it. To build a genuine connection with the woman you’re interested in, you don’t just have to be genuinely interested in what she has to say but you also have to act natural and be yourself as well.

This will help her get to know you more – the real you – and build a genuine connection that can turn into something more. In fact, the best type of flirting is the natural type when no flirting is happening at all; just two interested parties having a conversation.

Closing Thoughts

Meeting new people can be a daunting task, especially for shy guys. It’s even more challenging for them when the person you want to approach is someone you’re romantically interested in and are also shy and reserved as is the case with Asia girls.

However, being a shy guy doesn’t mean you can’t successfully flirt or any attempts to do so will end in failure.

Just focus on being respectful and building a genuine connection with the woman you’re interested in and you’ll find yourself successfully flirting with her without even trying.Asian Singles,Philipino girls,


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