Fun Facts about Dating Vietnamese Women

Fun Facts about Dating Vietnamese Women

Vietnamese women are known for their attractive character and beautiful physical appearance. However, dating Vietnamese women is different from dating a western girl. This difference is a result of their cultures. They appreciate different kinds of things and practices.

This difference might cause you confusion if you have been dating western girls all your life. However, you should not worry that much. We have compiled a list of facts below on how to date these beautiful Vietnamese ladies.

  1. Vietnamese Women Appreciates Compliments

It goes without saying that most girls like being complimented, but for Vietnamese women, this should be a requirement. Regardless if she is wearing sweaty gym clothes or baggy jeans, reminding her how beautiful she is very important. This is an excellent way to make her feel appreciate and for you to express your admiration. Besides, giving compliments does not cost a thing.

  1. Vietnamese Women Likes to Treated Courteously

beautiful Vietnamese ladiesVietnamese girls are attracted to vocal men, which it’s why being able to say the basic greeting in their language is a sure way to impress them. If you are Vietnamese, then you should know what these are already, but if you are a foreigner and you know these, you are bound to not only impress the beautiful Vietnamese girls that you are dating but their families as well.

Impressing their families, especially their parents, is a massive plus for you. Vietnamese girls listen to their parents. Their parent’s opinion about you always matters.

  1. Manly Men Allure Vietnamese Women

Unlike the western girls who also like men who are in touch with their feminine side, Vietnamese women like their men manly. They want to date someone who will be their night and shining armor. A man who will stand up for her and protect her from other people. It does not necessarily mean that these men should be thug-like, but they should be dependable.

  1. Vietnamese Girls Wants to be Loved with Passion

Pretty Vietnamese girls love with a passion, which is why they expect to be treated with the same amount of intensity. This is their raging difference between Vietnamese and western girls. If western girls are all about independence, space, and being their own person while in a relationship, Vietnamese girls want you always to ask her about her day; celebrate special holidays with her; make part of your long term plans, and so on. Basically, they make you their world, which is why it is only right for you to do the same for them.

With Viet girls, relationships are always serious. They do not play around. This is why it is either you give her your all or nothing.beautiful Vietnamese girls

  1. Fish Sauce is a Staple

If you happen to be dating one of the hot Vietnamese babes out there, then you know that fish sauce is a staple in the kitchen. In fact, fish sauce is a staple for Vietnamese culture. It is rare to see Vietnamese who do not like this, which why you have to prepare to be able to see and smell it always.

Although it does have a somewhat stinky odor, in the beginning, you will eventually get used to it. It also adds a unique layer of flavor once added as ingredients in cooking. Aside from that, it makes a perfect complimentary dip for many delicious Vietnamese cuisines. You will surely enjoy this as most Vietnamese girls are good in the kitchen.

  1. Viet Girls Likes Men Who Stands Their Ground

At times, Viet girls can be stubborn, especially when it comes to the things that they want. During these times, arguments are usually initiated. However, that does not mean that you should just simply let her have her way about things. If you do not agree, tell her and stand your ground. She will appreciate that better than you continually saying yes to what she wants.

  1. Vietnamese Women are Family Oriented

Similar to other Asian cultures, Vietnamese babes value their families a lot. As mentioned above, the opinion of their parents when it comes to their partners means a lot, which is why you need to extend your efforts towards them. As much as possible, make your first meeting with them as a positive experience as it will set the tone in the relationship. Having the support of the family of you, Vietnamese girls will ensure that your relationship has peace and prosperity.

To do this, get ready to have a drinking session with your girl’s brothers or father. Saying no to these types of invitation is considered rude. Be prepared to do unique favors as well, such as going doing groceries or attending your girlfriend’s little brother’s PTA meeting.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, with everything mentioned above, you were able to see how much different it is when you are dating a Vietnamese girl compare to dating a western woman. Vietnamese women are more family-centered and are prefers traditional men. They appreciate it when their partners exert efforts for them and the people they love. They also prefer men who are reliable and can give them a sense of protection.

Overall, Vietnamese women are not that complicated. All you have to do is to listen to them well because they are one of the most vocal women out there. What they want is always to felt loved and protected. In return, they will give you everything that they have and love you with great passion.asian girls


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