Have Women Written About You In Worst First Dates Ever Stories?

There are multiple ways how to get famous, but finding your name in one of those ‘worst dates ever’ stories is probably the most awkward and unpleasant shortcut to fame.

You may not realize this, but beautiful latin girls you went out and failed the first date with are probably still sharing stories about your date with her friends as one of her funniest worst date stories.

But it’s much worse if single latina ladies start sharing stories about your awkward behavior on your first date online. While most of these stories are anonymous, it’s still a huge self-esteem killer to be the hero of worst dates ever stories.

Even if your online conversation on latamdate.com goes smooth and you two are looking forward to your first physical date together, you may want to learn from the disastrous mistakes that made thousands of men the butt of a joke in worst dates stories.

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Revealing your sexual fantasies

No matter how sexy those colombian single females are, never share your sexual fantasies with them on the first date. That’s not the best topic for conversation for the first date.

Never ever talk about your sexual fantasies and what turns you on on your first date. Although many men think that it’s a good idea to get to know the sexual side of their date, it actually makes you look desperate and pathetic.

You still have plenty of topics to cover on your first date. Focus on getting to know your date!

Real experience: “I’m of Colombian descent and I had one guy on our first date who told me he Googles images of colombian women to arouse himself.” Ouch!

If that guy keeps revealing the sexual fantasy on his first dates, he may never get to actually dating colombia girls, and will have to keeping using his hands… for Gooling!

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Don’t be depressed, but don’t be a clown either

Here’s the thing about first dates: you two want to have a good time together. Your first date is not exactly the best time to share depressing stories or talk about your problems.

If you do feel burdened by problems and everything seems too depressing, you may want to see a therapist instead!

If you’re looking to meet foreign girl, you may want to forget about your problems at least for one evening and truly enjoy your time with her.

Focus on funny stories from your life, but don’t keep sharing jokes throughout the evening – or your date may start thinking about hiring you as a clown for her wedding with another man. Oops!

Real experience: “it was the shortest and the most boring first date in my life – the guy just kept whining about his life and his failed relationships.”

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Bragging about money and job

Even the sexiest latin girls out there won’t go crazy about the size of your wallet or prestigious job – unless, of course, you’re looking for a gold digger.

If you’re rich or you have the greatest job in the world, or you think you’re the best at doing something – and you want to tell your date about it on your first date to impress her – you can mention it only once in your conversation on the first date.

She’ll be much more impressed about you not bragging about it than the other way around.

In fact, you signed up on an online dating website to meet colombian women free, not talk about your money, right?

Real experience: “I once had a man who kept bragging about meeting rich CEOs every day at work and getting tons of money for it. If you want to bore me out, keep talking about your job!”


Mariana is love-sites.com’s resident Latin dating expert who has been passionately helping singles find love online.

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