How To Ask Asian Women Out? Don’t Get Rejected With These 5 Simple Rules

Asking any woman out to go on a date can be quite intimidating, but asking Asian women can be especially nerve-wracking due to the language barrier and cultural differences.

You can’t really expect it to go smooth if you aren’t aware of all the rules of Asian dating. Today, we’ll teach you the art of asking pretty Asian girls out online (it’s easier than you thought!).

Asian Women,pretty Asian women,

Follow the online dating etiquette

It’s no secret that the vast majority of foreign men meet the most beautiful Asian women on online dating sites. And the benefits are astonishing: the girl won’t hear you mumbling or see you sweating or blushing as you invite her to go on a date.

And yet, there are so many mistakes men make when asking pretty Asian women out online. The main problem is that most men don’t know the basic online dating etiquette rules. These are: if you’re sending an unsolicited dick pic, the young or old Asian woman will Asian Women,Asian dating,most likely reject your proposal to go on a date; or if don’t have a photo of yourself and your dating profile looks unappealing or incomplete overall, your chances of landing a date are close to zero. Crafting an appealing dating profile significantly increases your chances of success.

Don’t rush things; Wait for the right moment

Look, guys, if you like some blonde Asian girl on an online dating website and you want to ask her out, chat first, get to know each other, and then ask her out to go on a date. Why is it so hard to understand?

Why do men expect women to want to go on dates the moment your message pops on their screen? That’s a wrong approach. Take your time and get to know each other before asking a girl out on a first date, because when you ask girls out without even knowing their name it sends the wrong signal: that you’re just going to sleep with her and dump her. So take your time with in the chatroom and let it run naturally and smoothly.

You need an online opening line

Asian Women,old Asian woman

Some dudes craft their opening lines for hours, while others don’t bother thinking that their opening line actually matters when asking a girl out online. The words you use when asking a girl to go on a date with you play a pivotal role. Aim for something that isn’t as generic as “Hi” (she has hundreds of “Hi’s” buried in her mail box) and isn’t overly complicated (you don’t really need to write poems before proposing to go on a date).

Plan for your first date in advance

Asking short or tall Asian women out on a date is never the end goal, is it? Just because she says “Yes,” doesn’t mean that you’ve scored the date yet. Because she’ll most likely ask you, “Where will we go?” And that’s where many guys mess up, because they think so much about asking a girl out that they never even bother to think of a date idea. Ideally, you need your first date to be planned out before asking a girl out. And if you’re wondering what her interests are and in which setting she would enjoy your company the most, you should examine her dating profile or get to know her better in the chat.

Learn to handle rejection like a man

Asking live Asian girls out is always scary because you’re exposing yourself to the risk of rejection. Most guys get aggressive, angry or start insulting the girl who rejected them, which isn’t helping anyone. Yes, being rejected is an unpleasant feeling, but you need to adopt a healthy approach to dealing with it. In fact, ask any pickup guru: if you show a girl that you handle rejection like a man, there’s a slight chance that the girl will change her mind and eventually agree to go on a date with you.


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