How to Express Your Love to Chinese Woman

Dating a Chinese woman carries a specific cultural dating etiquette that contrastingly differs from that of the West. Knowing precisely how to date, court and express your love to her correctly rather than fall victim to cultural errors increases the likelihood of eventually marrying a Chinese woman.

The dynamics of dating and courtship with a Chinese woman are more formal with casual or serial dating being virtually unheard of in traditional Chinese culture. chinese womenTypically a young single Chinese woman would find consider dating purely for pleasure totally unacceptable and intimidating. The concept of dating for a single Chinese woman is sole
ly to enable her to choose her future spouse. This information is usually gathered within the first meeting. It includes important aspects like age, education, earning potential and ability to provide for both her and her family as well as personality and temperament characteristics gauged through her initial feelings. Often a ‘pre-screening’ dinner with mutual friends will steer the conversation towards topics that invite inconspicuous investigation of the potential spouse.

If the Chinese woman is interested or considers you a viable candidate for marriage name cards will be exchanged and a formal first date will soon follow. A second date followed by a third typically indicates that matrimony is surely in the foreseeable future. It is vitally important to understand this aspect of traditional Chinese dating and courtship as it is simplistically linear and very swift.

It’s Specifically All about Chinese Woman Dating Etiquette

If you are interested in marrying a Chinese woman you will find the Chinese woman that is particularly interested in meeting a Western man primarily through an online Chinese dating profile. Such women living in China also regularly visit places characteristically frequented by foreigners including English corners, Western restaurants, expat bars and of course supermarkets. If a Chinese single female is interested in you she will ensure you know about it through her facial expression signalling you to initiate conversation. Keep in mind that casual dating is not the norm except with a highly Westernized Chinese woman.

Expressing your love to your Chinese woman of choice is primarily about etiquette with respect to traditional Chinese culture, values and of course being a perfect gentleman. This entails possessing a winning combination of exquisite manners, confidence without arrogance, humility without appearing as weak and holding your Chinese love interest in the highest regard with a view to marrying her.chinese girlfriend

When Things Become Physical with Your Chinese Princess

Although virginity is highly regarded, premarital sex is often occurs on the second or third date as a faithful gesture that marriage will surely follow. A Chinese woman that agrees to two or three dates and then indulges in sex with you clearly views you as a future spouse and certainly expects marriage to follow.

For the Chinese woman expressing love both verbally and physically is of great significance as it typically means she has selected you as her future spouse. Show ymarrying a chinese womanour love through being totally honest regarding your intentions.

Since the Chinese woman reveals her feelings indirectly and in an elegant manner, she may indeed have strong feelings for you but not show or speak of them openly. Respect her for how she expresses her affections for you but also offer encouragement albeit gently and in good faith.

Make an effort to learn her native language; both verbally and in the written form sharing loving quotes from your heart as an expression of your feelings for her. Likewise learn her particular love language style(s) — there are five different styles of which she may primarily use one, two or more: Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Receiving Gifts, Quality Time or Physical Touch.


Victoria Young is a Chinese woman who blogs about dating chinese woman and how to deal with intercultural differences in a Chinese-Western relationship.

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