How to Not Become a Victim of ‘Love Bombing’ on a Colombian Dating Site

If you’re on a Colombian dating site and some beautiful woman keeps showering you with the amount of attention and praise that you haven’t experienced before, be cautious.

Why? Because you may be about to become a victim of “love bombing.” In case you’re not familiar with the term, it’s about time you learn more about the new dating trend, which The New York Post referred to as the “newest dangerous dating trend.”

In short, love bombing is a manipulative tactic where people use love to get you on the hook. But why would hot girls in Colombia love bomb unsuspecting men? For various reasons. People use love to manipulate others as a means to their end.

Love bombing refers to the practice of showering another person with too much attention, compliments, and romantic gestures to make this person theirs. Once the “love bomber” has this person, they lose interest and become indifferent, leaving the “victim” feeling used and incomplete.

Let’s review the signs indicating that the Latin girl beautiful you’re chatting with maybe “love bombing” you.

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5 Signs That You’re Dealing with a Love Bomber

With Psychology Today calling love bombing “a narcissist’s secret weapon,” the phenomenon is actually not new. The manipulative tactic has existed since the dawn of time but has become more popular with the invention of social media and online dating.

When you meet single Lain ladies on dating sites, it is easier for them to shower you with all the attention and love you can imagine. But don’t get me wrong. Not all sexy Latin singles who are eager to chat with you online are “love bombers.”

So, don’t be quick to turn down every beautiful girl from Colombia who gives you attention on a dating site.

There are five signs that you are being love-bombed.

1. She’s Trying to Be Your Soulmate

If she is trying (hard) to become your soulmate, it may be a red flag. If the girl is trying to convince you that she is your soulmate, she’s either very much into you or is just trying love bomb you.

Sure, she may be your actual soulmate, but if it seems that she’s saying and doing things just to get your approval or satisfy you, she’s most likely not your ideal partner. She’s just trying hard to seem one.

2. She’s an Open Book Right Away

Usually, pretty Colombian ladies aren’t eager to let strangers into their personal world too quickly. They’re more cautious than that.

So, you know you’re being love-bombed when a girl keeps revealing too personal things about herself right away. She’s doing it for a purpose. She’s just trying to build a special and strong bond between you by letting you into every aspect of her personal world, be it real or fake.

Be careful when a girl is revealing intimate details right up front, as she may be just manipulating you into falling in love with her.

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3. She Can’t Get Enough of You

Yes, many hot Dominican ladies like to play hard to get, so when a girl is or pretending to be in love with you from the very beginning, it’s either love from first sight or love bombing.

How do you know that it’s the latter? Well, love bombers go overboard with their passion. A love bomber cannot get enough of you. For most people, seeing that they trigger this kind of reaction in others is a huge self-esteem boost.

A love bomber is trying to make you feel so irresistible and hot that you lose self-control and cannot help but respond with mutual feelings.

4. She Wants to Introduce You to Her Family Too Soon

Most Latin women are cautious about introducing their boyfriends to their family too soon. In fact, most prefer to wait until things get really serious – like, “getting-engaged” serious – to bring their new boyfriend home to their family.

So, when a Latin girl is eager to introduce you to her mom and dad, she’s probably love bombing you. The same can be said if the girl is talking about getting married and having children on your first dates. That’s a major red flag to look out for.

Sure, it can be very engaging, intriguing, and flattering to have a girl who’s eager to create a family with you, but be careful because she may be manipulating you into falling in love with her.

5. She Makes You Feel Special

You have probably had other girls tell you how special you are before, but if you feel super special when dating a girl, there’s probably something fishy about it. If the girl showers you with compliments no matter what you do and adores your every move, it’s probably a red flag.

A love bomber’s attempts to make you feel special gets absurd to the point when the things that annoyed your ex-girlfriends in the past turn out to be cute and hot to the love bomber.

We’re not trying to say that feeling special is wrong or not authentic when you’re dating a girl. What we’re trying to say is that when you feel too special, it’s usually too good to be true.

Don’t get on the hook. Do not succumb to a love bomber’s manipulation as this won’t end well. A love bomber is trying to manipulate you into letting your guard down. But once you fall in love with a love bomber, they won’t be bothered with you.


Mariana is’s resident Latin dating expert who has been passionately helping singles find love online.

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