How to Use Dating Apps Properly to Meet Asian Ladies?

Dating apps are the most powerful tool when it comes to Meet Asian Ladies, especially if you live thousands of miles away from Asia. However, many foreigners tend to jump into online dating head-on and make terrible mistakes in the process.

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And it’s understandable why this is happening. After all, it’s not like teachers in school teach us how to use dating apps properly to meet Asian women (though many men would definitely benefit from these classes!).

Luckily, we’re about to give you a free lesson on how to use Asian dating website properly to find the Asian girl of your dreams. We’re going to highlight the most common problems foreign men have with dating apps as well as the solutions to these problems.

You get zero attention from pretty Asian women

This is a common problem many men have to deal with on online dating sites. They sign up in a hurry, upload some random photo without even looking at it, copy-paste some romantic quote from Twilight into their profile description, but it seems as if their dating profile is invisible to attractive Asian women despite their countless “Hi!” messages to the ladies. Well, clearly, you aren’t using the dating app properly. There are quite a few mistakes that you’ve made so far:

  • Uploading some random photo is going to repel women. Instead, use a recent photo of yourself, preferably if it’s from a professional photoshoot (not a mirror selfie), or a “candid” photo someone took when you weren’t aware that you were being photographed (studies show that candid and genuine photos receive more likes and attention on social media and dating sites);
  • Copy-pasting some romantic quote from a movie, book, or your favorite celebrity is going to make single Asian women run away from you. And no wonder why: you aren’t even a bit creative! Instead, make your profile description concise and witty. Let it best express who you are and what you’re looking for in your future partner (though don’t offend anyone, don’t use curse words, and be as respectful and positive as you can);
  • Sending “Hi!” messages is a terrible way to start a conversation on an online dating website. Let us explain why. When browsing through Asian girls pictures on dating apps, have you ever wondered how many messages these ladies receive each day? Let us tell you: hundreds. Literally. So how do you expect your “Hi!” to stand out from around 50 of Hi’s from other men, about 20 of “I’d SO make love to you!” (the dirtier version of it, actually), about 20 of emoji-only messages, and about 10 of genuine messages from men that actually made an effort to send a message that makes sense.

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You aren’t sure if the girl likes you or not

If you’re using online dating apps to meet Asian singles, you’ve probably learned by now that your inability to see the woman’s body language when communicating with her is kind of limiting. Well, it doesn’t have to be this way!

Chatting is not the only form of communication that you can get on dating sites. Many dating apps such as AsiaMe offer the “CamShare” and “Video Show” features to let you stay in touch with your girlfriend’s body language.

You constantly get rejected or ignored

There you have it. You’ve met a blonde Asian girl of your dreams, you ask her out on a first date, and… And… radio silence. In the best-case scenario, she tells you, “You’re so sweet but I’ll have to turn down the offer” and put a smiley emoji to cheer you up. In the worst-case scenario, she ignores you and leave you hanging for days, reading your own message over and over again and not knowing what you wrote wrong.

If you keep getting rejected or ignored by women on dating apps, it’s probably because you’re doing something wrong. First of all, sending personalized messages and asking questions is the best way to ignite an interesting conversation on an online dating site. Second of all, go for a mix of text-based chatting and video-based communication through the dating app’s feature to communicate via a webcam to keep your conversation as exciting and fresh as it can be. And third of all, get to know each other better and give it some time before asking her out on a date. Let it develop gradually and smoothly, no need to rush things.

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Boonsri is a dating expert who has helped many singles solve their relationship difficulties. He joins aiming to assist people to blossom relationships with useful tips and suggestions.

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