Jeans vs Dress: Who Is Your Dream Lady?

When it comes to online dating vietnam ladies, what do you choose: casualness and effortlessness or class and elegance?

What do you prefer to see on the bodies of vietnam sexy girls – jeans or dress? While wearing jeans is certainly a casual and effortless – yet sexy – style, wearing a dress is classy, elegant and sexy at the same time.

Though it seems that beautiful vietnamese ladies are equally desired and hot in both jeans and a dress, when it comes to your individual preference, what would you choose? Jeans vs dress?

Today you get the unique chance to choose the vietnamgirl based on her style and wardrobe choice.

pretty vietnamese girls

Linda, 20

Now It’s Your Chance To Have A Say

Like many pretty vietnamese girls in 2017, Linda loves wearing jeans shorts. Wearing jeans shorts is a casual way of being sexy and fashionable.

Linda, who has never been married and has no children, loves showing off her long legs in jeans shorts – and damn her legs are hot!

Although Linda is a petite 161cm vietnamgirl, her legs look stunning and slim nonetheless – so now you know that vietnamees girls don’t necessarily need to be tall to have long, slim legs.

Linda, who speaks little English and is studying in college, describes herself as a nice and caring girl – the two top qualities most men are looking in hot sexy vietnamese girls. Girlfriend material right there!

Even though Linda is very young, she signed up on iDateAsia to play no games – she’s looking for true love!

vietnamees girls

Aoffii, 22

Aoffii from Just click in to date her!

Aoffii is a single thai lady who lives in Bangkok and is a Buddhist. This gorgeous girl has never been married and has no children.

Aoffii speaks fair English and is a university student with a Bachelor degree. If you’re looking for a smart Thai girl, you’ve found one. Aoffii is a petite girl – only 157cm – and it seems that wearing jeans is her favorite style.

Aoffii rocks jeans shorts and ripped denim jeans with a great sense of fashion. Aoffii says she’s passionate about shopping, and no wonder about it – she can choose her wardrobe like a fashionable lady!

Aoffii signed up on iDateAsia to find her true love and create future with the right man. If you feel you’re the one, message her! She’ll certainly show you the traditional Thai culture.

 online dating vietnam

Mina, 24

Have a Wonderful Date with Mina !

Mina enters the jeans vs dress battle by rocking an elegant, tight pink dress. You can clearly see this hot vietnamgirl has been working out to achieve this fit body of a supermodel.

Mina is a gorgeous redhead Vietnamese lady who’s looking for true love. Mina speaks little English, has never been married and has no children – but she’s hoping to find the one who would save her from loneliness.

Like most online dating vietnam ladies out there, Mina doesn’t smoke and never drinks.

With the eyes that make you want to melt in them and the body that makes heads turn for all the right reasons, Mina gets dozens of messages on iDateAsia.

But if you know that YOU are the right man for this vietnamese date, she’ll sing love songs for you!

vietnamees girls

Sarah, 22

a beautiful vietnamees girl from Idateasia!

Sarah is one of those young vietnamees girls you can easily fall in love with just by looking at her.

Whether it’s because Sarah wears tight dresses that emphasize on her gorgeous, fit body or it’s because she has stunning lips – that’s for you to decide!

You can see that this vietnamgirl looks after herself – nail polish, lipstick, ideal makeup, beautiful hair… Sarah certainly knows how to attract male attention!

Sarah, who describes herself as a kind-hearted, active, loving, caring and understanding girl, is looking for a mature man that would be loyal, responsible and romantic.

Sarah, who says she’s an independent girl, never drinks and is a nonsmoker, yet she’s a fun girl to be around. Sarah is passionate about planting flowers, surfing the Internet and shopping.

Sarah, a fan of wearing elegant sexy dresses and high heels, has dozens of men messaging her every day. If she’s your type, go get her attention while this gorgeous Vietnam girl is still single!


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