Latina Dating: Avoid the Latest Dating Trend, “Whelming”

Latina Dating: Avoid the Latest Dating Trend, “Whelming”

When it comes to Latina dating, Latinas women are considered among the beautiful women in the world. Aside from that, their passion for relationships is so intense and they are known for treating their men like kings.

Dating sites are a convenient and easy way to date a Latinas, regardless of where you are. You simply need to choose a certain legitimate website, make your profile presentable, and you are now set for the picking. However, in the process of scouting for suitable partners, you may develop a certain and unconscious habit known as whelming, which may lower your chances of scoring a date.

What is Whelming

Whelming is an infuriating habit that is usually developed during online dating. First invented by Patia Braithwaite in a SELF article, whelming is an irritating behavior that can put off any potential partner.

In simple terms, whelming is the act of a match consistently talking about how overwhelmed they are by the wave of matches they are getting. Imagine a beautiful Latina looking for a partner. She then stumbles on one match in a dating site and they start having a few conversations before things get cold as the potential match goes silent on them.

After a few days, they respond back being apologetic for ghosting and state that they were preoccupied by the overwhelming number of matches on their profile. While this may not be a big deal, it gets worse when the man goes silent again.

He stops replying to messages and comes back with the same excuse. If the desperation doesn’t blind her, it is already obvious that the girl, even if she’s a Latina wife material, is regarded as ‘back-up’.

Whelming is a common behavior in dating apps as most people feel the need to apologize for replying late to messages saying that they are overwhelmed. While it may seem harmless at first, there is no denying that whelming can be rude and very irritating. Of course, no Latina girls want to hear about your inundation of messages or matches, especially if they are interested in you.

How to Avoid Becoming a Whelmer

If you are looking to score a date with hot Latin girls, then you must avoid being a whelmer. “How about stop talking about getting overwhelmed” – it sounds easy to do, right? But believe me, when you are just average-looking and you find more matches than you are truly expecting, immediately, you will find that situation overwhelming.

The key is not to succumb to the feeling. As you get eager to know your matches in a more detailed manner, you might find yourself getting overwhelmed with the selection. The next thing you know, you have made remarks that makes her feel like she’s lucky to get picked by you.

If you can’t contain the feeling, it is recommended not to expand your range of selection. Overwhelming shows that you clearly have chosen more women than you can handle. Starting conversations and maintaining them can be very time-consuming; so, you must be efficient and decisive with your wants.

Sometimes, the nasty tactic can be done on purpose to raise one’s value. Please don’t succumb to vain methods that don’t really give you worth. In case you haven’t known, most Latina women are very passionate when it comes to love and relationships and a normal guy can be seen as the most precious person as long as the love is being reciprocated.

Be mindful of what you say and if ever you get overwhelmed, calm your self a notch and remain humble. If anything, you are also someone else’s choice and you don’t want them to say it straight to your face.

Signs of a Whelmer

It is important to know the signs of a whelmer so you can decide if you are one or not. This will also help you when scouting for beautiful Latinas to date.

The first thing you can observe is how the dating profile is constructed. Look for any bragging tone as this can be a warning sign.

Another sign of a whelmer is the tone of communication. Most commonly, it is reflected on how they chat. As mentioned above, a whelmer can make you feel special some time, then neglect you for a few days before recognizing you again as if nothing happened. If you are seeking for hot Latina women and notice this trend, it is best to put a halt to the conversation.

In a ‘younger woman older man’ scenario, selections can range more because of the many considerations to factor; therefore, whelming can be prevalent. The earlier the habit is spotted, the more time you can save.


Whelming is not a crime, but it is definitely rude. No one wants to feel like they are the ‘last resort’ or a ‘reserve standing by’. The feeling is even more amplified for dating sites for seniors due to the impactful words that are associated with their age status like ‘last’, ‘end’, and ‘reserved’.

Whelming is a sign of irresponsible management of the dating choices. It doesn’t mean that you will narrow your options. You can converse with a girl you like, then stop for a few days to check other matches and then resume the conversation with the previous match without making that person feel like the ‘sore winner’ or bragging about the choices you have. Most Latina ladies adore and appreciate men that practice and maintain humility.


Mariana is’s resident Latin dating expert who has been passionately helping singles find love online.

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