January 18, 2022


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Liz – Demure Beauty

Do you know the word “demure?” The dictionary defines it as “…modest or shy, especially in a playful or provocative way.” Well, if ever there were a Chinese woman for dating who fit the bill for demure, it would be Liz. She has a long, lean body, casually draped against the back of the chair, one hip kicked out at a subtle, yet sassy angle, her white, alabaster thighs sadly disappearing behind the arm of the chair, where you long to see just a little bit more.

But what I think I like best about this photo is how, although she has her face turned downward shyly in the fashion of the classic Chinese lady, she also wears a playful, cute half-smile on her face. It’s something of an enigma this smile–you can picture Mona Lisa taking lessons from Liz as to how to look mysteriously content, quietly, secretly happy about something she’s not willing to share with just anyone.Chinese girls

If you search the web enough, you will probably find like I have that most Chinese women–even sexy Chinese women like the ones you find on Chinese singles dating sites–are prone to pretending to be something less than perhaps they are. They want to put on an appearance that is almost child-like, in which the tradition of Chinese dating customs comes out, and women are supposed to be mere objects.

Chinese girls

Well, what I love about Liz is demonstrates that, while she may be a traditional girl who longs for someone to share a life and family with, she has a mind of her own too. She’s long and lean, stretching to a tasty 5’7, and she keeps herself in shape by exercising daily.

Most of all, she’s looking for an ideal that is simple, yet profound: “He is a kind man, and we enjoy life together.”

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