May 16, 2022

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Phenomenon Hypergamy – What is It and How It Affects Chinese Ladies for Marriage

Chinese ladies
Chinese ladies for marriage know their worth and they look for partners that will know it too! Read on the truth behind marriage Phenomenon Hypergamy.

Chinese ladies for marriage know their worth and they look for partners that will know it too! They tend to create an image of the “perfect man” before even meeting him. Therefore, when a Chinese beauty finds someone that reminds her of that “perfect partner”, she starts liking him immediately. However, there is more to this occurrence that many people don’t know!

Namely, most women look for certain things that attract them. The characteristics they like are the ones that make them feel safe and stable. The inclination that makes women want to marry the best men they can find is called the female hypergamy.

beautiful Chinese women

What is Female Hypergamy?

Mature Chinese women need to be sure that they are making the right decision by marrying someone. Frequently, they already dealt with a lot of things in their lives. For that reason, they prefer to commit to someone that will make everything easier. As Wikipedia defines, “Hypergamy is a term used in social science for the act or practice of a person marrying a spouse of higher caste or social status than themselves”. An alternative term for hypergamy is “marrying up”. To clarify, it has the same meaning as “leveling up”; this time, it is about the social status that people from lower social classes upgrade when they marry someone from a higher class. The opposite of “marrying up” is “marrying down”. Understandably, it means marrying someone from a lower social class.

Before you judge Chinese girls and accuse them of gold-digging, there are other sides of the story that you should learn. For example, hypergamy is a biological motivation that encourages women to marry men with great genes. They want to pass those genes to their children and expect to have a great future; both for the kids and the women. Pregnancy is an enormous investment and risk; these beautiful ladies want to know that the outcome will be good.

For Chinese Ladies for Marriage is Hypergamy Only About Money?

Absolutely not! When you meet Chinese women, you will understand that they are very humble and modest. Of course, they won’t protest if you are wealthy and can afford them everything they never had. However, that is not the most important aspect. These beautiful ladies are, actually, looking for partners they can admire. Someone that will bring thrill and excitement but also calamity and stability. In fact, if you aren’t wealthy but you have a desire and ambition to prosper, a Chinese girl will be a great support. She will see you as a passionate person with a great future ahead. That is why a woman from China will do everything to help you achieve all your goals.

Beautiful Chinese women don’t like men that hold them back. If she needs to pay for the dinner every time or force you to get out of bed and find a job, the odds are that you won’t be able to take care of your future family properly. That is when hypergamy plays a role! She will not see you as a father or husband-material. Her instincts will turn all the red alarms off!

Interesting Factors about Hypergamy

Whether you are wealthy or not, you shouldn’t be afraid of hypergamy. As long as you are a determined person that aspires to do better, Chinese ladies for marriage will surely give you a chance to show your worth!

On the other hand, if you can afford to provide a better life to your lady, that’s great too! The fact that she will enjoy everything you give her, doesn’t mean that she doesn’t love you. You are just making her happy. Sharing can never be negative, especially if it’s with someone that you love.

How to Deal with Female Hypergamy in Chinese Women Dating?

The first thing you should do related to hypergamy is not worrying about it like mentioned above. If you care about it too much, it will reflect on your relationship. Whether you are a higher or lower social status than your lady, overthinking it will harm you. Just try to do your best and show her why you should be her life partner; regardless of your wealth. Chinese mail order brides are very understanding. You can talk to them about everything that comes to your mind. If you have some doubts about hypergamy and you would like to ask your girl something about it; do it! Don’t hesitate.

Hypergamy is a strong but not the strongest practice. Namely, infatuation can decrease hypergamy. Girls that you meet on a Chinese dating site will care more about your personality. If you impress her with your words and make her fall in love, she won’t care about anything else!

Good relationships also protect from hypergamy. It increases social capital.

Last but not least, the personality of your girl will play the biggest role in case of the hypergamy. Some beautiful ladies simply don’t care about “marrying up”. They don’t mind in which class their lover belongs; as long as they are happy together at that moment, that’s all that matters.

However, don’t consider hypergamy as something negative. Take it as an encouragement to be more active in every aspect of your life. If the girl from China sees your efforts and hope in the future, she will automatically want you even more!