Resolutions with Belarus Women: 10 dating habits to leave in the 2010’s

Did 2019 not turn out like you had hoped? Are you going to see the new year in alone? You’re not the only one. 2019 was a rough dating year for a lot of people. There’s a chance that you don’t even realise that you might be doing any number of things that will cause Belarus women to not want to continue dating you. With the rise of dating apps, the rules have changed a lot with dating. Meeting people is far easier than it used to be. But having a huge pool of people to choose from without even leaving your couch has created a new wave of bad habits that people are doing when dating Belarus girls.

Profile habits to leave behind

Let’s be honest many relationships in the last decade were started on a dating site or app. Here are a few pointers to help you appeal to a lady from Belarus.

1. Not having a good picture

dating Belarus girls

Group pictures where they can’t tell which one you are, poor selfies, pics only of your dogs or locations or sunsets of where you have holidayed are not what they are interested in. You are basically pitching yourself to potential partners who will want to spend time with you. You should have at least 3 good quality photos of yourself. If you don’t have any find a friend, you can trust to take them for you. If you would like to include your pet, you can but make sure there are enough of you first.

2. Pretending you are testing it

The stigma of dating apps isn’t what it used to be, and it is obvious that you are on there to try and find someone. Starting your conversation with anything along the lines of “Testing this dating app thing out,” or “I don’t really like dating apps.” Is not usually a good way to go about it when it’s the very thing you are communicating through.  If you are hoping to get a date with a Belarus beauty, then starting out with a lie is not one of the best ways to go about it.

3. Lying about yourself

One of the biggest ones is your age. If you’re looking for Belarus brides, then if they are not interested in someone over or under a certain age then they still won’t be interested when they find out you were lying. The same goes for lying about having children, your job, recreational activities and physical attributes. You are completely fine to leave these things off but if you are an overweight meat-eating smoker stating that you are a gym junkie health nut vegan will not attract the type of people you are looking for. Being honest is recommended for Belarus dating and is the best way to get the type of person who is right for you.

4. Exchanging numbers too early

While it might seem to go back and forth a lot on the apps and you might be in multiple conversations resist the urger to request a number swap until you are both looking to meet up. Having too many numbers in your phone can be awkward. But also, when using the dating app, you have control over how often you check in whereas texts can come through whenever.

Real life habits to leave behind

So, you have made it to the date, and you are no longer communicating through the app or messaging elsewhere after perhaps meeting another way. The way that dating has evolved over the last decade has created several new habits that people have started doing and most without even realising it.

single Russian ladies5. Waiting too long to ask someone out

While you also don’t want to do the opposite and ask someone out too early the ever-increasing pace of dating you don’t want to miss out on a Belarus beautiful woman by waiting too long. It’s not uncommon for people to have a few people they are chatting to getting to know them.

6. Expecting too much

With the increase in technology the world is at our fingertips and this can often lead to being used to having the world at our fingertips but something this can spill over to expecting more out of a date. A lot of people put too much pressure on everything going well. The night needing to be perfect. Having so much pressure on yourself and on the date is a sure-fire way for it to end poorly.

7. Being inattentive and checking your phone on the date

When you get there put your phone away. It’s bad enough everyone does it all the time when they are with their mates but when you are first meeting someone there is no need to be looking elsewhere for entertainment. This is not only uncomfortable for them and quite rude, but it can also lead to them wondering if you are on a Belarus dating site talking to someone else.

8. Taking too long before texting back

While many TV shows have led the charge on texting back too quickly sounding too desperate and needing to play hard to get these tactics are so outdated. So many of us have our phones on us all the time and waiting days to text back could be too long with so many other options available on the site your playing hard to get could lose you the perfect Belarus girl for marriage.

9. Having too many options open

While life has taught us to always have a back up plan having too many could cause more problems than not. It is far too easy to get names and hobbies mixed up if you are seeing or chatting to too many people to see who the best match is.

10. Stalking

This should go without saying but deep diving into someone’s social medias is a sure-fire way to accidently ask about something you shouldn’t know or accidentally like that cute picture from 2008.

Once you have left these 10 common habits behind you should find yourself able to get and keep more dates than you did last decade.


Veronika is a Russian girl and relationship expert, who enjoys writing articles about dating and international relationships.

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