The Secrets of Blue-Eyed Beauties: Ukrainian Ladies

Needless to say, the vast majority of Ukrainian ladies are blessed with special physical characteristics: clear, light skin, smooth hair, and colored gorgeous eyes, mostly blue. Eyes are the windows of the soul, they say. Indeed, a lot can be expressed through the eyes. If you are happy, sad, angry, it shows! Even if you’re in love, your eyes can tell.

According to anthropological and genetic studies, Ukrainian women are distinct. Compared to Russians, for instance, their upper extremities are shorter and lower extremities are longer. These ladies are proud of their legs…and blue eyes.

The latest scientific revelations prove that blue eyes are more attractive. It is now a fact that blue-eyed women are considered to be more captivating than women with dark-colored eyes. How not and it is the color of the sky, of the ocean. Simply the color of life.

According to Current Biology, a study shows that people with blue eyes might share the same personality traits and that’s because the genes which decide the person’s eye color are also responsible for a series of features in each individual. Therefore, people who share similar irises share similar genes and, thus, are more likely to have similar behaviour.

meet Ukraine ladiesWomen with blue eyes can support pain more than dark-eyed women. There is an old legend which says that blue-eyed women deal with pain during childbirth better than women with dark eyes. Interestingly enough, a study by the University of Pittsburgh found that light-eyed women tolerate pain well.

People with blue eyes are not impulsive. They tend to take their time to adapt to new things and situations, and they do it slowly. Additionally, they are shyer than people with dark eyes, according to a study conducted by Berkeley University.

Another interesting fact about people with blue eyes is that they are strategic thinkers. Scientists believe that the color of the eyes might have to do with one’s achievements in life. Blue-eyed people are good in matters that involve strategic thinking. What’s more, they are more likely to succeed academically than people with dark eyes. Perhaps it’s because they are calm and pensive, unlike people with hazel eyes, for instance, who are considered to be impulsive.

– Self-care

Ukrainian women are special in many different ways and it’s not beauty alone that makes them the perfect partners. It is true that Ukraine brides are blessed with genetics, but they do not rely only on nature to keep what it gave them. They privilege self-care. Going outside without being well-dressed, with greasy hair and a messy bun is a huge no-no for these ladies. It is necessary for them to look well put together no matter when and where. Mature Ukrainian women compete with each other, each lady wishes to look better than the ones surrounding her and this competition renders taking care of their beauty a priority.


In addition to their beauty, Ukrainian women are intelligent. In Ukraine, a good education is considered to be extremely necessary for the life of a modern woman. Having at least one college degree is crucial in their personal growth process. They are able to maintain a conversation. There is always something to talk about when you are in the company of a Ukrainian woman. Modern men are lucky enough to have the opportunity of online dating! Otherwise, crossing the world to Ukraine is the way to meet Ukraine ladies.

-No Pressure

Ukrainian beauties are different from Western European women and this is due to their different cultures. Ukrainian girls are taught, from a young age, to be grateful for what they have. They do not constantly nag and exercise pressure on others asking them for what they cannot afford. They take things easy. This does not mean that they do not like gifts or better than what they already have, but they are cognizant that money is not everything. They are also very family-oriented. The stomach of a man who has a Ukrainian woman knows what it means to be taken care of! They surround their men with all the attention and affection that they can give.

Ukrainian pretty girl

The Ukrainian pretty girl in the picture above is 21-year-old Anastasia. Her Blue eyes communicate the pure beauty and innocence of youth.

Ukrainian lady

And who would not lose their control when they are close to the gorgeous 30-year-old Nastya; beauty, refinement, and grace.

Ukrainian women

And the long-haired, blue-eyed 31-year-old Mary who has such a captivating smile.

Ukrainian bride

Not to forget the elegant 37-year-old Julia with her breath-taking blue eyes. It is hard to believe it is her age. Isn’t it?

I am going to be honest and confess that I envy single men for being able to get in touch with these sweethearts easily. There are many dating sites for serious relationships that can help them to find their brides no matter the distance.


Veronika is a Russian girl and relationship expert, who enjoys writing articles about dating and international relationships.

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