July 6, 2022


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Russian Girls and Modern Dating: The Trend of Instagrandstanding

Who wouldn’t want to date Russian girls? Oh my! That cold country has the hottest beauties that would melt your heart whenever you lay your eyes upon it. Indeed, Russian babes possess qualities that other women dream of. This article will tell you why you should be dating a Russian woman and how to find the right one.

Instagrandstanding is one of the modern dating trends that have appeared in today’s modern world. It is simply when an Instagram member posts content in order to display who they are to the world. But that’s not all! It is considered as a dating and flirting technique because the main purpose of posting such content is to attract the attention of someone. Maybe someone you are interested in to whom you want to show that you share the same hobbies, passions, opinions, etc., or simply sharing your personality with the world so that you might attract the right one.

Resorting to Instagram and trying to find your Russian other half is one of the ways to find a single Russian woman.

Their profile shall unequivocally display:

single Russian womanBeauty  

Nature has blessed them with captivating beauty: Model-like figure, long legs, thick hair, sculpted cheekbones other women would go under the knife for, and of course, mesmerizing eyes. But when neglected, such features would go dull and unattractive. That’s what Russian girls learn from their mothers and grandmothers from a young age. Russian order brides are taught that a lady should always look her best. Even after getting married and having kids. Taking care of their body and beauty is necessary no matter where and when. So, going out with a pale face or hair worn in a bun is not something a Russian girl would do. It is something rooted in their culture.


Russian women embrace their nature and they are proud of it. They do not tend to compete with men and lose their femininity in the process as often seen in the Western world. They know how a true lady should react when angry or sad. In today’s world, manners have become ignored by many women. The increasingly rapid pace of life has rendered people, women more specifically, much more “casual” in many aspects of their lives. Russian women, however, still hold onto lady etiquette and manners. Your Russian bride still uses her phone like almost every modern human being, but you would not see her holding it with chipped nail polish. Russian ladies have very high feminine energy that real men need.


It’s a sure thing that physical appearance is important, but it’s not all. External beauty attracts the eyes, but cannot keep them for long if the character is rotten!

Russian women are different: if she chooses you, you become her lover, her best friend, her world. She would treat you with warmth, tenderness, love, and respect. You become her everything. She would be there for you whenever you need a shoulder to cry on. Your Russian girlfriend would work hard to protect the relationship and keep it growing.

They are also loyal to their family and friends. Loyalty is one of the most important pillars of a healthy relationship which is sacred to Russian women.Russian order brides

Family Oriented

Russian women like to settle down and build a family with the man that they choose. They don’t like to play around, dating many men without a purpose. They enjoy being the source of affection in a family. And most importantly, they enjoy taking care of their men and cooking for them. Most Russian women respect traditional roles that many modern Western women have revolted against. The words of “Ain’t gonna do your laundry, I ain’t your mama” song by Jennifer Lopez definitely do not work with Russian women. What’s more, Russian ladies are very educated. They are cognizant that being independent is crucial in the modern world. Education is, thus, very necessary in their personal development as modern women. This is one of the main reasons why many men look for Russian women for marriage.

Fortunately for you, we are living in an age that has been witnessing unprecedented technological changes. The Internet, in particular, has changed the way people communicate with each other and has opened new doors for people to start new relationships, easily. There are many Russian dating sites out there. Charmdate, for instance, is one of the best ones. Don’t hesitate to follow it on Instagram to be updated and to “meet” its members. Photos of gorgeous single Russian princesses are available on the page. Look here www.instagram.com/charmdate_official/

You can also try the new creative Instagrandstanding trend, or technique. Go ahead and post pictures, pretending to be “sharing” the experience with your followers. Dude, you know deep down that you’re targeting that one person you like. We are all guilty of that.

So if you want to know how to marry a Russian girl, I mean how to attract your potential Russian other half, don’t hesitate to fill your page with exciting and interesting content that would make you seem as though you have an exciting life, the perfect match. Don’t get me wrong, I am not telling you to create an image of a person you’re not! Just try to put your personality out there, share your interests and who you are without being fake. There are many Russian women out there. Why wouldn’t you attract the one!

The modern dating game does need effort. But it is worth it because when the effort is genuine and done right, the relationship lasts. It is hard, but you’ll eventually get there.Russian dating