September 27, 2023

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Sigma Male: 17 Traits that Separate You from a Beta or an Alpha

Everyone has probably heard of the alpha male, but sigma males are less well known. While the alpha is the guy at the party telling dirty jokes to the Latin beautiful girls to impress them and intimidate others, the sigma male is harder to spot. Sigma males tend to be introverted but not exactly shy. They tend to blend in, being more confident in his place in the pack. He is the brooding, mysterious one, but what mysteries he keeps are his own. He might meet Columbian women, or chat with single girl, but she will feel like she never really knew him. Latin women date many kinds of men, of course, but sigma males are very attractive to many kinds of women.

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So what makes a sigma male? Here are 17 telltale signs that his is not just playing hard to get, but just wants to be left alone. These don’t define them, but are things they all have in common.

#1: They don’t want to be in charge. The idea of competing with others for top position, having others follow them, or them following someone else makes them uncomfortable. They won’t compete with other guys for gorgeous Latina women. They let the women find them.

#2: They are rebels. Anything hot or in, they are against it. Guys think it’s quirky, girls think it’s sexy. This rebelliousness can turn the head of a Colombian lady.

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#3: Just as powerful as alphas, sigmas aren’t followers and could be leaders if they wanted to be (which they don’t). They want to do their own thing and don’t care who is in charge.

#4: Sigmas are men of few words. They won’t voice their opinions because it is nobody’s business.

#5: Sigmas are the classic “bad boy.” Not because they are really bad, just because they won’t be told what to do.

#6: Sigmas are highly attractive to women, if only so women can find out what is going on in their head.

#7: They seem to be both book smart and street smart, so when they talk, people listen.

#8: They hate social norms and expectations, never wanting to be put in a “box.”

#9: They tend to live in morally gray areas and get in trouble whether they try to or not.

#10: They don’t like rules because they feel like they were made to keep them down and make them feel powerless.

#11: They try to blend into the background. They stand out by not going with the grain, though, so pretty Latina girls pick them out of a crowd and find them irresistible.

#12: They don’t follow trends. If it’s in style, they don’t like it.

#13: They have abnormal tastes and interests. They pursue strange hobbies and academic interests.

#14: They don’t belong to any social group. They aren’t nerds, jocks, or any of that, and will be just as into beautiful woman in Latin heritage as women from other cultures.

#15: They are instigators. If there is trouble, they are probably behind it.

#16: Refusal to conform makes them subjects of ridicule. People don’t understand them, so they make fun of them.

#17: They only conform if they get something out of it. If they are interested in ladies from Colombia, for instance, they might go along with the group to get what they want.

You can see that sigma males can be pretty attractive to women, mostly because they stick out by not going along with the crowd. We all know that one person who doesn’t conform and doesn’t feel the need to. He is probably a sigma male. The question to ask is if you are as well. If you see yourself in these 17 qualities, then maybe you are!