Signs You Are Dating Your Unicorn Asian Girl

There are so many girls also Asian women out there calling themselves “unicorn girls”. Do you really know what unicorn girl means? Are they just only beautiful? Let get back to the history of this mysterious creature.beautiful Vietnamese

The unicorn represents Christ, and also began to represent purity and chastity. The idea that unicorns are uncatchable but could only be tamed by virgins became a widely held belief. After a one-horned deer was spotted in Italy several years ago, women tend to iconize unicorns.

Unicorn girls are more than just pretty, they are divas if you ever notice them on Asian dating site. They always seem out of reach just like uncatchable unicorns. They are absolutely confident and of high self-esteem, like an unicorn always takes care of its glowing horn. Unicorn girl is precious and one of a kind. She is your soulmate and only yours. When you are trying to hit on the women from Vietnam are you ever afraid of that you would end up being with a wrong person because you don’t know how to spot your unicorn girl?

Asian women

Here are the signs you have met your unicorn Asian girl:

  1. You are comfortable with your Vietnamese girls

Unicorn girl is always elegant and classy, you can spot her in a crowd. But she is not like other girls who are out of your reach, when you approach them they give you cold shoulders. When you are dating Vietnamese girls you can find that most Asian girls are shy and timid. Your unicorn girl however is nice to you and warm all the time. You feel comfortable with her even you are in silence.

  1. You know you can trust your Vietnamese girls

She is your soulmate and you know she is yours. She doesn’t see other men while other Vietnamese women seeking men attention. You are never jealous because you can trust this beautiful Vietnamese girl.

  1. You can laugh at each other and do all the silly things together

You are not afraid of sharing your trauma with her, because you know she will understand and comfort you. You can laugh at each other (with no hurt feelings) and enjoy doing silly little things together.

  1. Vietnamese woman has consistent attractiveness to you

No need to explain more, when you have met her, you see her as the only woman in the world. The other photos of Vietnamese women don’t attract you anymore.

  1. Vietnamise girl cares about you

Vietnamise girls are tender and they care about people especially who they love. If you date Vietnamese girl and she cares a lot about you. You are the lucky dog who got his unicorn girl! She cares about how you feel, what you think and thinks of you all the time.


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