Telltale Signs Vietnamese Women Are Not Into A Second Date

Telltale Signs Vietnamese Women Are Not Into A Second Date

Bagging a first date with Vietnamese women you met on a Vietnam dating site is quite hard yet offers a wave of excitement. You have this urge to make everything as perfect as possible in order to get a second date. However, everything may not work out the way you wanted to. Maybe you think that the date went well but not so much for the girl you’re dating. Thus, it is important to know the signs that the pretty Vietnamese girl you are dating is not interested to go on a second date with you. Here are some signs that the lady is not interested in a second date:

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Sign #1 She seems easily distracted
One of the telltale signs that Vietnamese girls or any woman is not interested in the date is that she seems easily distracted. Try to see if she checks her phone regularly or frequently stares at other people on the next table. When your date gets distracted easily and finds more interest in what’s going on around them, then that is a clear sign that she’s not looking forward to a second date.

Sign#2 Lack of Eye Contact
If the girl you’re dating doesn’t give sustained eye contact and constantly looks away from you during a conversation, then maybe she’s not really feeling the date. It just signifies that she doesn’t feel an intimate connection with you.

Sign #3 The conversation doesn’t feel natural on a Vietnam dating site
Most hot Vietnamese girls would love a good conversation during a first date. You would know that she’s also excited to get to know you more when the conversation about you feels natural and not forced. For instance, when you are trying to ask her questions, she responds eagerly and ask questions in return. If you notice that the conversation seems pretty forced, then it’s clear that she’s not interested.

Sign #4 Her Laugh is Forced
All women including pretty Vietnamese babes love to have a good laugh. Most girls would prefer men with a good sense of humor. So, when you spot that the girl you’re dating is just faking a laugh, then maybe she’s not really having a good time. Maybe she fake laughs just to get the date done, so she can go home. How to spot a fake laugh? Check if her eyes are matching with her smile. If it’s not, then it is not really genuine.

Sign #5 She asks all the questions
Now, this may trick you into believing that she’s interested to get to know you better, but this is a tactic to keep the conversation on without really divulging too much information about her. She only tells minor details about herself and makes you tell more about yours, misleading you into thinking that everything is doing great; when in fact, the conversation is just one-sided.

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Sign #6 She doesn’t care at all
Vietnamese women values good manners taught by their elders. They are courteous, respectful, and modest. However, if you notice that the girl you’re dating doesn’t seem to care about the way she talks or acts, then this means that she just doesn’t care or bother to give you a good first impression and is not just interested. So, better pack-up the date to save you both.

Sign #7 She doesn’t talk about the future or long-term dating
Pretty Vietnamese girls value relationships seriously. These girls dream of a life-long commitment as the one their parents or anyone in their family have. So, when you noticed that the pretty Vietnamese girl you’re dating doesn’t include you in the future or long-term goals, then this indicates that they are not anticipating a second date, let alone a relationship with you.

Sign #8 It was a short date
One of the good indicators that the date went perfectly well is the duration of the date. If the date lasted for hours and both of you were engaging in open conversations and laughing in between, then that is a good sign that this may lead to a second date or even more dates in the future. However, if the date ended shortly or she suddenly had a perfect excuse to leave, then you know that she is not really interested to get to know you more on a second date.

Sign #9 Her replies are weak
Girls, even beautiful Vietnamese women, would expect a follow-up text or call after a date. One would know that the date was a success when the guy would say that he’s having a good time and the girl would also respond with the same enthusiasm. If you noted that her replies are weak or one-worded, then she didn’t have a good time and is plainly not interested to go for another date. Maybe it’s only you who think that the night was a success.

Sign # 10 She tells you frankly.
Hot Vietnamese women are known to be frank and straight-forward. So, when they don’t feel the chemistry on the first date, they will tell it to you straight ahead. However, she will do that in the most respectful manner to avoid hurting you even more. At least, she’s blunt and doesn’t go fishing around.

Vietnamese girls are perfect-wife material; they are good at cooking and maintaining the home. They are also loyal, highly respect their elders, cherish close-family ties, and value the sanctity of marriage, which is perfect if you are looking for a lifetime commitment. No matter how you think that dating a Vietnamese girl feels like hitting the lottery jackpot, it may not work out as you planned. The girl you’ve been interested in may not feel the same towards you after your first date. They may not be inclined to go for a second date. Don’t fret or lose hope. There are still many gorgeous Vietnamese girls out there that might be interested in you. So, brace yourself and enjoy meeting new, beautiful Vietnamese ladies. Who knows? Your dream girl is just out there waiting for you in the corner to catch her.


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