August 13, 2022

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Thai Dating Basics: How to Be a Tease and Attract Your Girl

When it comes to Thai dating or dating with just about any girl from any race, teasing is a playful way of flirting. Being a tease makes the mood exciting and adds more personality to the date. Teasing Thai girls is important because it keeps them stimulated and enables those emotional waves and troughs. Simply put, it removes the boredom out of the equation. It is also a way to spark curiosity and interest. You can also then show your personality early on as possibly nothing fun and exciting can come out of being always in the conservative zone. Plus, girls seem to always like interesting guys.

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Here’s how you can be more of a tease and less of a dull date:

Project confidence

A guy with a good dose of confidence easily becomes an irresistible one. The thing is, Thailand women can easily tell if someone is confident or not, even by just based on body language.

Practicing a confident body language can make a difference. Stay calm and controlled and don’t hesitate to claim the space around you. If you are not comfortable, you can practice slow, deep breathing to release tension and relax. Just be natural and enjoy the show.  Just remember that nothing good happens if you remain shy and anxious. On the other hand, the best things may follow if you at least act confidence, if you aren’t totally confident yet. As what they say, fake it till you make it.

Get her laughing

Thai singles want someone who can effortlessly make them laugh. As soon as you get the chance to talk to your ideal Thai girlfriend, grab the chance to inject your dose of humor early on. This makes her feel comfortable with you while sparking attraction and interest.

It might sound too challenging to playfully tease a girl outright, but doing so will only give the impression that you are not intimidated by beautiful Thai women. This is also a plus factor in terms of confidence.

You can go for lines like “Excuse me, I planned to have some guy’s night out today, and you definitely ruined it. Damn, you’re too cute. “ This kind of lines can start conversations in a fun and playful way.

Make her win you over

People also call this method ‘qualification’. It’s about getting the girl to prove to you that she is cool and interesting. It only implies that you are a type of guy with standards who don’t like wasting time in random Thai dating sites.

You can start this by asking questions like, “What’s that one thing I would not know about you just by looking?” or “So what is your deal?”. They’re the open-ended type of questions that make girls want to share more information while being comfortable. This is also a great way to know her more. This is indeed a valid qualification stage for you to know if she indeed is cool and interesting.

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Create an emotional connection

You should know how to connect with girls. We are talking about that emotional connection that makes her feel close to you. One tip to do that is to always make use of the “I” perspective as you speak. It can be as easy as directly expressing your thoughts, opinions, and emotions. For instance, even a simple “I love GoT” already gives her a glimpse into the emotional world you have. But if you only say “GoT is a great series”, it tends to remove the emotional hint from the picture. The point is to talk about personal experiences more rather than mere facts. This simple thing can make any girl easily connected to you on a deeper level.

Build sexual tension

Touch is the most powerful component here. Just lightly tapping the back of your hand against her elbow can already start it off. If she doesn’t seem to feel uncomfortable, you can keep it up for longer periods of time—this time, in more intimate areas like the back, shoulder, face, and thigh.

You can know that you can touch more if she allows it or she starts touching you as well. If this keeps going, that’s a positive sign that you can take things to the next level. However, if she tends to move away each time you touch her, don’t force it and give her space. Comfort is more important than emotional connection. Touch on the sexual tension part only if you are already both comfortable with each other. Thai brides are not as easy to get as you imagine, so you should really do things one step at a time.

Be unattached to the outcome

This is probably the best thing that can help you learn how to attract women better. Yes, we use a Thai dating app and the like to possibly find long-term partners and the like, but the most important bit is to enjoy the process. If you focus on having fun than getting too serious about the outcome, you can enjoy the process more and surprisingly, the results are even better. If you don’t expect a lot from your efforts, you can easily become open, confident, and fun.

But of course, if you find that someone who really like you and whom you like back, you always have the option to settle down and get serious about commitment. But if you’re still starting out, doing it for fun can bring in more excitement and confidence than doing it like it’s some sort of necessity.  Again, just have fun all the way. Then you have nothing to lose and possibly everything to gain.