August 13, 2022

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Things you should know about age gap relationships when dating Vietnamese women

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Surveys on Vietnamese dating and Vietnamese women have pointed out that most of them entered into a relationship with mature white men after dating. These men were over fifty but these beautiful Vietnamese women had no qualms about that. The big question is – What is an appropriate gap between couples when you are dating Asian women? Most people are used to the age gap of four to five years between the groom and the bride as a proper one. Does this mean that when older men marry younger women, things will not work out between them?

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A study was done in Finland several years ago which pointed out that Northern Europeans were not averse to age gaps between couples being ten to fifteen years. With this kind of an age difference, the success rate is usually thought of to be low, but it is not the case. There are many examples that can be found in real life where older white men are hitting it off well with Asian women who are nearly half their age.

When it comes to love, age is only a number and people nowadays do not bother or focus on age gaps in their relationships as they used to do, some decades ago. Those negative stigmas that were connected with older white men dating American Vietnamese girl half their age have now dissipated.

Here are few things that you should know before you start dating Vietnamese women who are much younger to you as a white man –

  • Success of the age-gap relationship will depend on lifestyle, goals and compatibility – As a mature and older white man, when you meet Vietnamese girls; you have to be very clear with them about your dreams, hopes and goals right from the very start of the dating relationship. This is the advice from various family and marriage therapists. A very big issue for couple with an age-gap is when they have mismatched life goals and experiences around concerns like children, freedom and lifestyle. The Vietnamese girl may desire to have children in the future and the man has to cater to that.
  • Age should never be allowed to become an issue, even in discussions – When an older white man shows interest in single Vietnamese ladies, he has to keep in mind on what may happen twenty years down the road from now. If the age gap is considerably big, you will have to be in total control of what natural aging may bring about in your lives. When you meet Vietnamese ladies, the lady may be at the height of his profession and career and you may be nearing retirement. In such cases, you have to carefully plan your life for the next couple of decades and keep talking about it with your lady love.
  • It is always a challenge to navigate family, friends and social circles with a liaison like this – When you meet Vietnamese singles as an older and mature white man and are impressed with some Vietnamese ladies photos and decide on settling down with one of them, your family members and friends may not take your relationship very seriously and may think of it as a passing mistake. Before embarking on a relationship like this, it is better to prepare the people who are close to you and not catch them off guard.
  • You have to get used to heads turning – When an old and mature white man meet single Vietnamese women, he has to be prepared in his life that people will notice and give unusual glances when you head out in public. Their heads will turn and they make some unpleasant comments for which your younger bride and you have to be fully prepared for. The only way to deal with such issues is not to care about what the world says or thinks about you both.

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  • It is all about mature handling – when as an older and mature white man, you meet Vietnamese young women and decide to settle down with one of them, you have to be conscious that this is going to be a mature and an adult relationship and it would be wiser on your part if you look out for a polite and kind woman who is far mature than she looks. Many times, you will come across a twenty-five year old woman who thinks like a forty-five year old. You need a person to contribute to your relationship in such a way that t motivates growth and support and this will happen when both of you maintain mature thinking.