June 19, 2024


International dating advice for men seeking foreign brides

Truth about Hot Russian Women: What are Their Insecurities?

hot Russian women

Online dating is a great way to meet new people, especially hot Russian women. With the perks of signing up in online dating sites, the possibility of meeting your perfect match is always present.

If you are so into Russian ladies, that’s not a surprise as they’re dubbed as ‘the most beautiful women in the world’. However, they may have insecurities too. Just like other ladies do. Some of their insecurities pertain to their looks in general, career, age and height.

Below are several points that you should try to avoid asking or mentioning when conversing with Russian women beautiful or women in general:

Russian women beautiful


Yes, this is indeed a taboo topic. Russian women, women in general, no matter hot or beautiful they are, find this a sore topic. Beauty fades away with age. As such, people say that the older someone is, the less attractive they become. To some, this opinion becomes burdensome. So refrain from making remarks that would make her feel conscious of her age.


Russian women are also sensitive to their looks. They pay a great deal of attention on taking care of their face and skin. So, you must choose your words carefully since you might get misunderstood.

Avoid asking her weight, especially if just have met. If you start a conversation by asking her those, the chances of you talking to her and getting closer to her more may go down the drain.

Compliment her instead. Say what you like about her. ‘Does she have beautiful eyes? Is her smile captivating?’ Share what you like about her features best.


Never ask a Russian woman how much she earns. Asking these kinds of questions may offend her, especially if you are not that close yet. While financial stability is an affecting factor in a relationship, directly asking these questions may burn the bridge you’re trying to build.

The ‘Ex’ Talk

It’s a no brainer that initiating a conversation about your past relationship is not ideal.  Take note, you’re trying to build up your relationship with her and while you might be comfortable talking about your own ex, she might not be.

Shotgun Wedding

Avoid directly asking a Bulgarian girl for marriage or anyone for that matter, the moment she tries to strike a conversation with you. Take one step at a time and don’t go all too hasty.

Dating Tips For You

Dating online is tricky, so you must first find the best online dating site that will suit your taste. It’s essential that you feel comfortable using the dating site.

Now that you know some of the things hot Russian women might get uncomfortable with. Let’s discuss some dating tips that will help your dating life.

Make a good first impression

Making a good first impression is always a must. While impressions can change, it’s better that you don’t give out a bad impression straight off the bat. But how do you manage to make a good first impression?

sexy Russian girls

Upload a good profile picture

Remember, a picture speaks a thousand words and in cases like online dating, this saying indeed makes sense. If you use a picture that’s blurry or misleading, women would most likely skip your profile and find another possible romantic partner.

Mind your first sentence

Russian ladies appreciate it when you start conversations in a respectful manner rather than sending rude and crude phrases. You won’t be able to marry a wife in Russian cities (or any wife) if you offend them.

Use Simple English

While almost all women you encounter in dating sites might be adept in English, some sexy Russian girls might find it difficult to converse with you. Take into consideration that Russian women are not as fluent in English as you might think they are. Just go simple with your language and avoid making a good impression by using highfalutin words straight away.

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Know your limits

Before you entertain your dreams of beautiful Russian ladies staying by your side, know your limits first.

A good example of this is asking for a webcam chat Russian girls. If the other refuses, don’t get discouraged or even worse, get angry. She might have refused because she still feels shy or awkward in doing so. Don’t push her to do something that she’s still wary of. Take it slow. If you make her feel secure enough, she’ll eventually video chat with you.

Read the lines

Ask yourself. ‘Is this topic okay?’, ‘Is she still interested in the conversation?’ or ‘Is she trying to avoid the topic?’ You should learn how to read the lines.

Be Engaging

Try asking her about her favorites and preferences. Find things which both of you have in common instead.

Be consistent

Future wives, including Russian wives, won’t simply fall at your feet. Set a date and time to start reaching out to them. Everything takes time and effort. You need to get exposed, be consistent, and continue striving to be better until you find your best match.

In the end, it all boils down to how well you handle yourself and your relationship. Learn to compromise and look at things from a wider perspective. Share your thoughts and opinions on certain matters. That way, you can discuss things and further strengthen your blossoming relationship.  As long as you strive to be the best version of yourself, it’s easier to also meet the best one for you.