November 28, 2023

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Why Russian Girls Personal Dating Ads Are Making A U-Turn

A lot of old habits were long gone are making a comeback. Personal dating ads by Russian girls is one of them. Today, there are dedicated pages on popular social media networks like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter which collect dating ads. The number of their followers is huge. Some post a couple of ads per day. This can only mean that people are looking for connection with people of like minds.

Personal dating ads are just like your dating profiles to put on a dating site. The situation is similar when you follow CharmDate’s Facebook page. Every day, personal dating ads of new and active members are posted. With the arrangement, followers get to see every new member. This is definitely a great starting point for men looking for Russian babes. In recent years, more couples are emerging from dating apps. Is there any advantage of personal dating ads over dating apps?

There are a few limitations with dating apps which makes them look more like slot machines. Dating apps actually make it easier for people to swipe through pictures without promoting engagement. Below are some of the reasons why best Russian dating sites may still not level up to personal dating ads.
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#1. A powerful description helps you to connect

Personal dating ads does not necessarily involve pictures. All you need is to write a powerful description and post. Unlike dating apps where people just flip through pictures and make their judgment based on their sense of beauty, personal dating ads force them to sit and read. Therefore, you are certain that anyone who sends you a message actually read you. This can be a slow process, but it has proven more rewarding that the use of pictures.

It is almost difficult to write a powerful description of yourself without exposing your vulnerabilities. This is because you are forced to be sincere about yourself. It is this vulnerability that Russian singles look out for and respond to. Also, when people have to describe themselves in a few words, it forces them to be creative—and this is an interesting mental exercise on its own.

#2. Filters tend to introduce selection bias

Some races are the ultimate losers when it comes to the use of dating apps. According to research, black women are usually less likely to get messages on dating apps when compared to white women. The reason is partly due to the introduction of filters by dating apps which makes it possible for men to decide if they want Russian girls dating or skip it entirely.

Filters automatically sideline some of the sexual preferences—because they are not part of the options. The use of filters further compounds the problem that dating apps came out to solve by making it harder for certain people to find the connection that they want.

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#3. Personal dating ads encourage openness

Unlike in Russian dating app where you have to tick boxes in certain areas, personal dating ad gives you the freedom to paint a different picture. Instead, you can use pronouns or adjectives present the best descriptive of yourself. In this way, you can avoid the use of words like ‘fat’ which often interpreted negatively.

Generally, the format used by personal dating ad encourages openness. This is because men don’t get to judge Russian order bride based on how they look but on what they say in their bio. It is true we all care about the appearance of the person we are going into a relationship with. However, many dating experts believe that this process makes it easier for people to overlook physical attributes. People end up settling with someone they would normally not give a chance if they were to see their face first.

How to write the perfect description

The first thing that you have to bear in mind is that your description is going to be very short so you have to make every word count. This is particularly useful for men looking for Russian women for marriage. Focus more on your strength but be honest about it rather than exaggerating. Talk a little about your hobbies. Just like in storytelling, experts always advise that it is better to show than tell. For example, if you are a fun lover, rather than just mentioning this in your ad, the entire ad should read in a fun way.

Although personal dating ad helps you to connect better with Russian ladies, it does not answer the question, how to marry a Russian girl. There are lots of articles around the web that will give you insight into Russian tradition. You should read them already, so you don’t feel stuck when you finally meet your miss right.Russian dating